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Towd Registry



Body Meyers Tow'd #1342
Frame 1961 - SwingAxle - KingPin
Engine 1600 DP - Dual 34 webers - Tri-Mill
Status Work in Progress
Owner Jay (Old Tow'd ) Rasmussen
Front Tires/Wheels Front spokes Jackman
Location Yorba Linda,Ca.
Clubs RBC Buggys
Meyers Manx Club


Ozy Towdster

Body Meyers Towdster #648 Currently Painted Yellow , but as part of the current rebuild will be repainted in its original colour Fusia ( Metalic Pink/Purple ).Front and rear guards/fenders have been widened approx 3" over each wheel.
Frame When pictured it was all original apart from r/h steer , but again as part of the current rebuild it is now being fitted with a full roll cage that also ties into the front beam and has had the Towd steering column/tow column removed as i have never used it and it now clashs with the new cage works and pedal cluster.
Engine When pictured it was fitted with a 2lt Type4 Kombi Engine with a Sharpbuilt upright cooling system 1800 heads and a pair of 40mm IDF carbys but basicly stock , But again once rebuilt it is getting a 2387cc Type 1 built around a CB high top case with 044 oval port heads and 44mm IDF's.
So it will certanly get up and booggy
Status Currently under a full rebuild
Owner Andrew Westwood
Front Tires/Wheels When pictured it is fitted with 14 x 7 Dragways with 195/70 Firestone Rally Tyres ,Once finished it will now have BTR 15 x 4 with BFG allterrains
Rear Tires/Wheels when pictured it is fitted with 15 x 10 Dragways with 32" x 12.5" Mudders ,Once finished it will now have 15 x 7 BTR Beadlocks with 32" BFG allterrains
Transaxle 1600 3 rib Kombi box with stock ratios
Location Queensland Australia
Story This car was as far as we know bought to Australia by a US serviceman when transfered to Australia and for much of its life it was located over several different owners in the Forster/Tuncurry area of New South Wales which is where the previos owner (Kevin ) to myself found it in a shed just by chance this being approx 1996.
At this time Kevin did a quick resto on it to the state pictured and he did quite a few trips in it up and down the East coast of Australia as far as Cape York for a 4 week adventure with myself and others and also frequently going to Stockton Sand Dunes near Newcastle NSW.
In august 2003 i purchased the car off Kevin and continued to use it regually off road and beach trips until January 2005 when i took it off the road for what was then to be an approx 12 month rebuild but due to a career change and work commitments this has blown out till hopefully i will have it on the road for Easter 2008.
Clubs Bad Little Buggers V-Dub Club Queensland Australia
Manx Dune Buggy Club Australia # 33


DirtyDaves Towd

Body Towd #TF283D920E as of yet just the pan no other body parts.
Frame Just the lower frame no roll bars
Engine Not yet, but working on it
Status Work in progress
Owner The INCE family
Front Tires/Wheels Street tread rollers for now,with Center lines 4.5" or 5"
Rear Tires/Wheels Street tread rollers for now, with Center lines 7.5" or 8"
Transaxle Swing axle now,but Im going to put an IRS in it
Location Dirty Daves Marine (My Shop)18901 Seaton Ave. Perris Ca. 92570
Contact or my cell (951)764-4802
Story I bought it cheap, and intend to completely modify it from its oridginal form. Maybe make a dual purpose vehicle with a street legal twist, with fenders and running boards all quick changable to off road use.
Clubs DBA and Manx club
Previous Owner Unknown


Tom "McGyver's" Tow'd

Body Towd front hood with one scoop. Original ABS plastic Meyer's Tow'd #334 two-seater tub with trunk area behind gas tank. Chopped and slanted windshield. Custom stainless steel rollcage/light rack/spare tire rack/luggage rack/bikini top bow/under carriage oil cooler and battery guard.


69 tow'dster

Body Fiberglass model #84?
Frame Stock.I will be adding 6" of extended wheelbase.3" front and 3" to rear and addtional chassis fabrication
Engine 1600 sp
Status being restored
Transaxle IRS
Location Glendale AZ
Story Building for my dad to drive and use
Clubs None yet


Daves Tow'd

buggy buggy
Body 69 Fiberglass towd with rare hood
Frame Stock rear torsion housing moved back 3" and front beam extended 3"
Engine 1600 SP 31 pict custom modified exhaust
Status being built right now
Front Tires/Wheels 235 75 15 tires tht match BFG mud terrain rears
Rear Tires/Wheels 31 10.50 15 BFG mud terrain
Link IRS
Location AZ
Story Got from a guy in Bullhead city AZ


Meyers Tow'd #570

Body Meyers Towd #TF570H926S
Frame Standard, no mods
Engine 1500, Single Port
Status Under Restoration
Transaxle IRS
Location Charlottesville, Virginia
Contact Mike
Story Bought used in S.C



Body #522 Towdster
Engine 1600DP
Status Currently in progress of getting road ready with minor cosmetic work for now.
Owner Rebecca and Craig Powers
Transaxle Currently Swing, but getting changed to IRS
Location Upstate NY
Clubs Manx Club, FLRVWC

Towdster Registry



Body old yellow with fender
Engine single port ??
Status working on it
Owner Richard "baja" Bell
Transaxle swing for now
Location Dana Point, CA
Contact 949-443-1346 Dana Point CA
Clubs meyers,rbc,sdbc uk,


My Tow'dster

buggy buggy
Body Meyer's Tow'dster
Frame Tow'd frame, w/ IRS rear, and Link / Pin front suspensions. 4 wheel disc brakes.
Engine 1904cc. Crank (74mm). Engle 110 cam, Dual Port intake. Progressive Weber Carb, 009 Distributor with plans to swap to a HEI. (Someday).
Status It's on the road! I still have a things to do to it, but I can drive it!
Owner Richard
Front Tires/Wheels Chromed Spoked Wheels, passenger car style tread
Rear Tires/Wheels Chrome Spoked Wheels with 31" LT tires
Transaxle Stock VW IRS
Location SoCal
Story When I got this car, it had a Water Cooled V-4 Saab Engine mated up to a VW Swing Axle Tranny. This car was a MESS!
I took it down to the last nut and bolt in order to be sure all the "funny stuff" was dealt with. There was lots of "funny stuff". (Try wooden spacers in the front torsion springs where the Grub Nuts attach!).
There was a Radiator located in the hood, and the coolant circulated through the tube frame!
With the help of friends, this thing came together. So, thanks to those who shared of their time and talents.
Clubs Manx Club

Previous Owner Unknown


Maine Tow'd

Body Standard body, I think. Though it has a F/G engine cover that I don't see on some of the pictures here.
Engine out of a 62 beetle
Status Bought this Tow'd with a souped up Bus engine, very nice!! However I let my Son take it for the weekend and ended up with the engine blown. It sat for a couple of years, until I had a plain old '62 bug engine put in. However the installation was not right, so I parked it. That was 20 yrs ago. Its been in storage ever since.
Someday maybe I'll get it on the road again. It was fun for the short time I ran it.
Owner Mike Freese
Old Town, Maine
Location Old Town, Maine




Body Tow'd in pretty decent shape. Tf204c923a
Frame Unmodified tow'd
Engine I have a 1176 set a side for it's
Status It's waiting on me! I got a wild hair! And decided to build me a volksrod for a daily driver! But the tow'd is Nextel
Owner Feed haag
Front Tires/Wheels Just junk rollers for now
Rear Tires/Wheels Same as front
Transaxle I stuffed a IRS union it
Location Wichita Kansas
Story My dad owned it for a few years. Then he sold it to a friend. He had it for about 10 years. And last summer I bought it from himself