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The EMPI Sportster was based on a VW chassis shortened 14" with transporter axels go anywhere. The plans were available from EMPI.

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EMPI Sportster Registry

A steel bodied dune buggy made from plans supplied by EMPI.


1968 aluminum Sportster

Body made from plans purchased from EMPI and modified for the use of aluminum body instead of steel
Engine has had many engines... not sure what he has in it at the moment
Status in need of a little TLC but still mobile
Owner Rocky and Ralph Weinstein
my uncle and grandfather
Front Tires/Wheels 16in rims and tires off a bus
Rear Tires/Wheels 32 15 15 Goodyear Tera Tires on widened stock steel rims
Transaxle Gear reduction Bus trany
Location Langley B.C. Canada
Story built before i was born i grew up with many stories of this buggies exploits. made me want one myself.
Previous Owner original owner and fabricator still in possesion


2005 mod sporty

buggy buggy
Body i designed and built this buggy with an aluminum version of a sportster to look at and take measurements from. also had a lot of input my uncle and grandfather on what they though i should change from the original for my own safety and comfort. fully enclosed cab with stock VW heat makes a big difference during a Canadian winter
Frame pre 63 beetle pan shortened 14" with 66 bus rear torsion housing welded in for a HD rear suspension
Engine currently a 2110 cc stroker type 1
Status still under construction but on and off the road turning heads everywhere
Owner Sean Fogg
Front Tires/Wheels 235 75 15 cooper A/T on EMPI 5spoke 15 x 6 steel baja wheels
Rear Tires/Wheels 31 10.5 15 cooper A/T on EMPI 5spoke 15 x 8 steel baja wheels
Transaxle gear-reduction transaxle out of a 66 bus
Location Surrey B.C. Canada
Story after getting the 'bug' (pun) with an old baja bug i bought off my uncle i decided i wanted something more like his aluminum sportster. he said the only way to get one would be to build one... so i did. with tape measure and pad of paper in hand looking at his and a couple 'cardboard concepts' made by him and friend 'Captain Midnight' in the 70s i came out with this ... um 'crazy' version of a sportster... though i know i cant actually call it one...


this is my 1965 sportster

Body all original steel and equipment except rollcage.
Engine 1500 single port stock.
Transaxle beetle
Location oregon coast
Story nearly ready for the street or the dirt.this one is just needing lights and paint. clean little buggie my wife learned to drive on. we have another that is the 4 person model. that one is real complete but needs to be restored.


1955 Sportser

Body All steel body, EMPI Sporter in very good condtion, stored for a long time, old owner had hart problems
Frame Shortened 1955 pan
Engine In it now is a 1600cc engine. Have the old 1955 engine some parts missing.
Status In runing condtion use it to go to work if the weather is good and to have fun in the hills here, coverted to 12 volt for every body nows 6 volt sucks LOL
Owner Dave Tomes
Front Tires/Wheels stock rims new tires & spair on front hood.
Rear Tires/Wheels stock widder rims new Mud And Snow tires
Transaxle 1955 swing axle
Location 200 Miles North of San Francisco ( Willits ) CA. Home of the red woods


1961 Sportster

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Body All original, shortened 1961 Type 1 pan - 40k miles
Frame Perfect condition
Engine 1967 - Type 3 Dual Port
Status Full restoration - mechanical and electrical.
Owner Gary Dean
Front Tires/Wheels Coker Tires- Original wheels
Rear Tires/Wheels Coker Tires - Original Empi Sportster Wheels
Location New Jersey
Story Owned by one of the original Massachusetts VW dealers - Hugh "Sparkie" Wamboldt who was a master craftsman, tinkerer, machinist of extraordinary talent. Left to me to restore to it's glory, it has become more than just a restoration - it's a labor of love to make Sparkie proud.
Clubs Central Jersey Volkswagen Society
Previous Owner Sparkie Wamboldt - Pepperell, Mass.


1960 Empi

Body All steel body, in dark red paint.
Frame Full length 1960 frame
Engine Current: 1641cc decked out in chrome
Next: Origianl 1150cc '59 motor.
Status Undergoing resto
Owner Don
Transaxle Standard Bug Transaxle
Location Aurora
Story Found this car by accident. I was (and still am) offering the Digital version of the Empi Sportster building plans for free. An Sportster owner asked for a set, to go with the car to whoever would buy it. I asked about it, and soon we came to make a deal to trade my '68 convertible bug for his sportster. Going to repaint this winter, maybe Ceramic Green, and install a period correct motor.
Clubs Aurora Classic Car Club & Aurora Racing Club



Body DELETE ME Please


1957 EMPI Sportster

buggy buggy


1957 EMPI Sportster




Body The car was built by Land, Sea &Air in Riverside Ca. as their # 056-282
Frame All steel and bolts. bolts are aircraft with a hole at the head for locking wire
Engine 1300, Strong
Status I'm restoring the cars sheet metal, running gear is in good order
Owner Dave Wolven - Todays date is Sept. 4th 2013 That was the start date. Todays date is Jan 11, 2017 the car is restored, painted resale red,with black seats and Jackman wheels.
Front Tires/Wheels Stock
Rear Tires/Wheels Stock. needs to be changed to 760X14 I changed them to 15" on the front and 14" on the rear
Transaxle stock
Location Hemet Ca.
Contact Dave Wolven 951 533 0458 cell
Story I started building sandrails in 1964, I found this complete car Aug 16th 2013 (my birthday)(barn find) Nonoped since 1991 and parked in the mans back yard under cover, next to the barn.
speedo reads 1675 miles. Paint is faided green and almost gone. underside is rusted. I have done the research and have the badge that was put on the turn-key cars. This should be fun.
It was fun, time to sell and start a new project
Clubs California Micro buggy club
Costa mesa Ca. 1970 until 2005. we all had sold our glass cars so we closed the doors on the club and are all still good friends. We meet at least twice a year to reminisce about the good times we had.