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Dolphin Industries of Pomano Beach, Florida

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"Spatz"-like buggy Registry

We have one buggy example from Dolphin Industries that is very close to a Spatz buggy except it has a raised ridge around the tail area and a slightly different dash. It has "Dolphin Industries - Pompano Beach Florida" stamped in the gelcoat.


Dolphin Industries

Frame 1971 Volkswagen Beetle
Status It runs like a top and recently got some cosmetic work. Paint, seats, tail lights, dressed up the engine a bit etc.
Owner Tammy Washer
Location Tennessee
Story A gift from my husband in 2005 and I drive it at every given opportunity. Its never parked for very long!


Dolphin industries

Body Dolphin industries manx type.
Frame Tube chassis
Engine 1641. Pict 34
Status Currently playing regularly on Amelia island.
Owner Michael Shores Sr.
Front Tires/Wheels Chrome reverse smoothies
Rear Tires/Wheels Chrome reverse smoothies with off road tires.
Transaxle Swing axle
Location Fernandina beach
Story Thought this was a Spatz til we sanded the tail. Found the "dolphin industries pompano beach" stamp under old paint. Sits on a tube chassis.
After the hard top went on, pops couldn't get in... After seeing the "dune buggy golf carts" we attempted something similar...
Sides cut to allow easy entry. Ledges re-glassed and harness/stiffening tubes added. Viper red base / 1 lb fire red metal flake, and 13 coats of clear to bury it all. After the orange peel was carefully blocked out, 3 more coats of clear! Whew.
Finished just in time to run her at Manx on the Banx 2014!
Won 2nd place best paint/ get coat! Thanks guys.
Clubs Dune buggy brothers


Dolphin Industries

Body Dolphin Industries Spatz style or Peanut?
Frame Volkswagen Beetle '67 cutdown
Engine Volkswagen '67 Bus 1200 cc 40 hp
Status Running. Still working on the fine details: carpet, roll bar, dash...
Owner Don & Sue LaRue
Location Michigan
Story My dad gave me this after he couldn't get in it anymore. He drove this everywhere when I was a kid. Had it in local parades too Back then it was cherry red with white striping. That was flaking off when we got it. We had it repainted like the American flag. It has an eagle on the front with his name in his honor. My dad is now 90 & is happy to see us enjoy & taking care of his buggy!
Previous Owner Bernie W.

Mod T (was X-0038) Registry

ID SOLVED. Thanks Bart for IDing this one as a Dolphin Industries Mod T.

This buggy has a Model T hood with almost a Schwimmerwagon tail. A prop would be right at home on the engine cover. The dash looks like a Dolphin Industries design.


Dolphin Industries Mod T

Body 3Part Body...Main body,hood, engine cover....I blelieve it's called a model T
Frame Full chasis 68 bug
Engine 1600dp
Status Work in Slow progress. going to roll out on stock bug tires. I have interceptor rims,For sale or trade, have rolling chassis. have windsheild. working on body, while going to school. I hope to paint and assemble may 10-16.
Owner Rick Bell
Transaxle Swing/stock
Location Hampton Va
Contact Rick @ 757-236-0930


Mod T body only

Body Blue flaking paint over the original metal flake.
Frame No frame. Just the body at the moment
Engine No engine
Status Just bought the body. Not sure what to do with it yet
Owner David Engle from Gainesville Florida
Front Tires/Wheels None yet
Rear Tires/Wheels None yet
Transaxle None yet
Location Gainesville Florida
Story Found it on Criagslist.
Previous Owner Just a guy who had lots of stuff.


Dolphin Industries Mod-T



buggy buggy buggy buggy
buggy buggy
Body 1972 (?) Dolphin Mod T (some call it a Shriner model) made in Pompano Beach, FL. 3 piece body - main body, hood, and complete engine cover. Found 4 others - mostly FL and up East Coast -- but one made it to Canada. Fiberglass T front with rounded boat tail rear. Fenders are flat on top and have a wide lip. Had a canvas top and probably side curtains years ago but nothing left now other than top frame mounting brackets (like used on a boat bimini top) and snaps. Still in OEM white gel coat.
Frame Full size (uncut) VW IRS '70 - seats 4
Engine '70 dual port 1600 cc with dropped #3 exhaust valve and big hole in the piston. Pulled engine and currently in process of rebuilding with NOS Mahle 88mm slip in pistons and cylinders. I've had these P&C sitting for 30 years so might as well use them.
Status Not currently running - retirement project!
Owner Gregory Seitz aka Wolfgang
Front Tires/Wheels Rusty "chrome" OEM Dolphin 14" front w/195x14 tires. Got total of 4 14" ones with vehicle! Wheels actually polished up nicely with chrome spokes sparkling. The rims didn't so I painted them gun metal grey. Added front Ghia disk brakes.
Rear Tires/Wheels Rusty "chrome" OEM Dolphin 15" w/ 235x15 tires rear and 14" in front. I've recently trashed the 1990 bias ply tires, polished up the chrome spokes and painted the rim portion and mounted radial tires.
Transaxle VW IRS 4 Spd
Location Baker/Ft Walton Beach, FL --- NW Florida Panhandle
Story Bought off Pensacola CL in Jan '08. Manf. is Dolphin Industries in Pompano Beach, Florida. No manufacturing marks on body (that I have yet found) but distinctive Dolphin dash. Found only a total of 4 MOD-Ts via online searches over the years. Mine has full uncut rear engine boat tail cover (many are cut or missing). Dolphin built 3 different models: the classic dune buggy PEANUT, a pickup version called the CRICKET, and a full-length model called the MOD T. Apparently, s big fire in plant around 1972 and introduction of the Super Beetle chassis spelled their end. Some have Dolphin Industries embossed on the back deck - mine does not.
Previous Owner Unknown other than from Pensacola, FL. Looking for more on this buggy. License plates are FL WALTON FRD 58K and expired in 1991. Does anyone have an old ad for Dolphin Industries or a build manual? Wish mine still had the convertible roof frame so I could add a soft top.