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El Lobo Registry

The El Lobo was manufactured by Woodford of La Crescenta, CA. According to "The Dune Buggy Phenomenon Book 2" (page 250) by James Hale, "it was available in small numbers to special order". It's design started as the Lido and later the influence can be seen in the Le Tigre and the FF buggy in England. A similar design is the Enos "500". Unique to the El Lobo is the "front mud flap" that appears on the side of the lower side of the body just behind the front wheel.


El Lobo Corvair

Body El Lobo, modified slightly at rear
Frame Custom built quare tube frame , in a shape that sommewhat replicates the VW "pan"
Full late model fully independent Corvair suspension
Now Corvette steering box, going to rack and pinion.
Installing front disk brakes at the same time.
Engine Corvair, approximately 200 HP
Status Getting it ready for paint
Owner Bob C
Dobson, NC
Front Tires/Wheels 15 x 8 Star mags
Changing to 15 x 8 mag Daisy mag wheels
Rear Tires/Wheels 15 X 8 star mags
Changing to 15 X 9-1/2 Daisy mag wheels
Transaxle Corvair saginaw with 4 spider gears and positraction, 3.89 ratio
Clubs SCCA, Corsa


old school vw




1973 El Lobo

Body Early 1970's
Frame 1958 shortened
Engine 1600
Status being restored ie get it running again
Owner Debbie
Front Tires/Wheels 235's on wide 5's
Transaxle 6 volt fully syncro
Location San Diego


1970 CorVolks El Lobo

Body El Lobo
Frame Shortened VW pan with the Trans Forks cut off using a Ball Joint beam
Engine Corsa 150hp Turbo Corvair
Status Eng Almost Running - working on determining overall condition for a full restoration using the Corvair or possibly converting to a VW 4 speed and VW 4cyl engine
Link All Photos will be on my Google Drive:
Transaxle 2 speed powerglide
Location Utah
Contact taberloveless at gmail


1969 El Lobo

Body El Lobo (lost in flood)
El Lobo Part 2
Frame 1969 VW
1969 VW
Engine 1600 Single port
1914 Dual port

Status Restoring
Owner Jen
Link Link Pin Front end
Transaxle Swing
Location Southern CA
Clubs Gasoline Grils