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buggy buggy buggy


My spatz on a 61 VW pan

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Body Spatz body. Rear deck has been cut and put on hinges to allow easy engine access. Fiberglass top is cool looking but makes it hard to get to rear seat. Paint is deep blue metal flake.
Frame 1961 VW pan with swing axle and king pin front
Engine 1965 1300 cc
Status Road ready
Owner Mike A
Location Western Wisconsin
Story This is just as I bought it, all done and ready to go. I also have a VW trike and liked that a lot so when I had a chance to buy this I went for it.


Spatz Buggy

buggy buggy buggy buggy
buggy buggy buggy buggy
buggy buggy
Body Spatz buggy, never mounted to frame.
Frame Body is just sitting on top of uncut/unshortened IRS pan (Pan still needs to be shortened about 14 1/2")
Owner Joe Lopez AKA Bugvert
Link Here's a list a links to the fullsize pics for the tthumbnail pics above.










Location Waterbury, CT


Possibly the only Spatz in the UK

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Body I think its a Spatz although it has a raised lip around rear seat area.
Frame Was a very rotton left hand drive 69 pan now a new rust free centre tunnel with custom floor sections in box section and aluninium.
Engine Stock 1600cc
Front Tires/Wheels 14" x 6" centreline
Rear Tires/Wheels 15" x 8" centreline
Location Just south of Oxford in United Kingdom
Story Bought as a project having owned a Manx previously. Didn't know what it was so have been doing a bit of research and think it is a Spatz. Can not find any others in the Uk so any help regarding it would be great. Seen a couple of pics of buggies with Spatz badging,are they available? It was originally green metalflake gel but is now painted in glow in the dark paint. Spooky!


Mark Lakin

Spatz Dune buggy REAR VIEW" alt="buggy" /> Spatz Dune buggy FRONT QUARTER (and ad for KROIL)" alt="buggy" /> Spatz Dune buggy BATTERY BOX / REAR OF INTERIOR" alt="buggy" /> Spatz Dune Buggy FRONT RIGHT QUARTER" alt="buggy" />
Spatz Dune Buggy DASH" alt="buggy" />
Owner Mark Lakin
Location Bethalto, Illinois
Story I'm searching for any copies of assembly manuals, advertisements, any literature of Spatz.



Body stock in primmer
Frame rebuilt painted yellw
Engine 1600 dp
Status in garage waiting for my two year old to help me
Owner brock spears really it"s my daughter's Heatherrose
Front Tires/Wheels n/a
Rear Tires/Wheels n/a
Transaxle stock
Location new york
Story bought from friend
Clubs n/a
Previous Owner n/a



here are alot more pic's of the buggy before and after


Vair Crazy 1

Body Spatz body that was originally solid yellow but now is painted purple
Frame Homemade frame with early Corvair suspension
Engine 140hp Corvair with 4 speed
Status Street legal
Owner Chuck Prosise
Front Tires/Wheels 13"
Rear Tires/Wheels 15"
Transaxle Corvair
Location Davenport, Iowa
Clubs Iowa Corvair Enthusiasts, Corvair Minnesota, Corvair Society of America



Body stock see pics here seeing that i cant figure out how to get this to work
Frame 1965 vw
Engine 1200
Status still working on it
Owner mark p



Body unknown
Frame 1963
Engine 1600cc single port single little carb....gets 35 mpg !!
Status street and beach legal
Owner Gregg B
Front Tires/Wheels unknown maker of wheels..someone called them wagon wheels, I added the center caps and trim rings
Rear Tires/Wheels unknown maker of wheels..someone called them wagon wheels, I added the center caps and trim wranglers
Location Outer banks, NC USA
Story I traded a Honda Motorcycle ( which had a bigger 1800 cc engine) in Sept 2011. Its a work in progress. I met some very nice buggy owners in October 2011 and one of them said its a Spatz. I came to this site to register it. There will be another Manx at the Banks meeting October 2012
Clubs manx buggy assoc.
Previous Owner Mario in Fayetteville NC


65 spatz

Body [IMG][/IMG]
Front Tires/Wheels [IMG][/IMG]
Rear Tires/Wheels [IMG][/IMG]
Transaxle [IMG][/IMG]
Location Texas
Story Back in 1989 my dad built this buggy for me. Its been on a number of trips to the Colorado mountains.In 2006and 2007 was its last trip to the mountains. I was diagnosed with MS in 07 and its st in a field in the country for 5 years. I just recently did a refresh build on it. You can see the rebuild at thesamba/fiberlass/mysptatz rebuild/refresh. I still have a very little left to do


Bob's 1970 Spatz

Body [IMG][/IMG]
Engine [IMG][/IMG]
Front Tires/Wheels [IMG][/IMG]
Story Was built for me over 25 years ago by my dad. I did a total refresh on it 2 years ago (2011). You can look at it at The Samba Forumn under "myspatz refresh/ rebuild". Dad passed away before i could get it back running again. I think he would be proud. :)


Spatz Long

Engine Just acquired this, consider these "before" pictures.
Front Tires/Wheels


My spatz project

Body file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy............jpg
Frame file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy..........jpg
Engine file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy.........jpg
Status file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy........jpg
Owner file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy.......jpg
Front Tires/Wheels file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy.....jpg
Rear Tires/Wheels file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy...jpg
Link file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy..jpg
Transaxle file:///C:/Users/tabitha/Pictures/Dune%20buggy.jpg



buggy buggy buggy buggy
buggy buggy buggy buggy
buggy buggy buggy buggy
buggy buggy
Body ford mustang sonic blue paint
custom wheelie bars and trailer hitch attachment
Front Tires/Wheels 3 inch 5 hole cms with 135r15 michelins radials
Rear Tires/Wheels 8 inch 5 hole cms with 235/50r15 mickey Thompson et street drag radials
Transaxle 67 swingaxle, short swayaway axles, 4.12 ring & pinion with a zf diff,close ratio gears


Blue Spatz

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Body MetalFlake Blue Spatz
Frame 1971 VW Beetle
Engine 1973 VW 1600, Dual Weber 40 IDF, Pertronix SVDA Distributor, CB Performance Serpentine Belts
Status Driven sunny days in Summer
Owner Josh Eames
Front Tires/Wheels 195/60R15
Rear Tires/Wheels 295/50R15
Transaxle 1965 4 speed
Location Liverpool New York
Story Purchased Car in 2017, added dual weber idf 40 carbs, pertronix distributor, CB performance serpentine pulley system
Clubs MANX Club


64 Spatz

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Body Spatz
Frame 64 VW bug
Engine 1915 cc
Front Tires/Wheels 145/65/15
Rear Tires/Wheels 245/60/15
Location Boulder CO
Story Stored outside for 30 years , uncovered. Restoration took 3 months



Body Red gel coat body with hard top
Frame 1958 VW pan
Engine 1835
Status Street registered, drive anywhere.
Owner Alan Parker
Transaxle Later model swing arm transaxle.
Location Byhalia Ms