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Sandmaster Registry

Sandmaster Company was formed in 1966 in North Hollywood, CA by Scott McKenzie.

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Claimjumper Registry

The Claimjumper was produced in the US and was designed for racing witha Corvair engine. See The Dune Buggy Handbook pages 40 to 41 for more details.


Unknow Body MFG

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Body It has a hood scoop molded on the hood, kind of flat fenders, a mini spoiler in the back, molded in dashboard, and the rear end
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Location Lake Mathews, CA
Story I found this body in the recycler for $150.00 seller had no idea of mfg ? original color is Blue metalflake 15 inch shorter the VW pan



 photo 0BFC474B-AAA3-4B17-BE8F-0367C9CFFCB5_zpsyp0ztlgk.jpg" alt="buggy" />