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Two different buggies carry the Sand Tiger name.

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Hunter Sand Tiger Registry

Hunter Sand Tiger buggies have a very low tail section and flip up lid that covers most of the engine. They were made by Hunter Fiberglass Products Co.


Hunter Sand Tiger in NH

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Body Fiberglass
Frame VW
Engine VW
Previous Owner Matt "Hawk"


Pat in CT

Body Fiberglass
Frame Berrien
Engine VW 2275cc
Status Not on the road yet. :(
Owner Me
Front Tires/Wheels P195 50 R15
Rear Tires/Wheels P295 60 R15
Transaxle 69 VW Bug
Location Enfield Connecticut


1960 Hunter Sand Tiger in MA

buggy buggy buggy
Engine 1971 1600cc out of a VW Van
Status Just purchased, new project
Owner Mike DeSimone
Story This was last restored by a the only registered owner know on record, circa 1980. As you can see it is a simple car, with no extras and we intend to do a soft restoration and only add a roll cage to it for added safety.
Previous Owner I purchased it from the original owner located in Natick, MA


RI Purple Sand Tiger

Body Thanks for the original ad from the one in Mass!! Have been trying to ID for a Long time!! No one else ever had a hood scoop and full rear lid.Now I have more pieces to the puzzle...Will add pics later.................................

Fiberglass Original metalflake purple
Frame VW shortened 1959
Engine Has had many from 36hp-1835cc currently 1650cc dual port VW
Status Legal Runner. Sleeps mostly in back of Garage under cover.Behind its brother another yellow Manx clone
Owner I have owned since 1990. I bought from Richard"Tricky Dicky" Ceravolo at Ceravolo's auto on rte 12 in Groton,Ct at the main gate to the sub base. I am not sure if he is still with us, his family was/is big in racing at Waterford. I bought it as my first car and limped it home with orig 6V 36hp engine.
Front Tires/Wheels 15 x 8 Polished American racing slotted style
Rear Tires/Wheels 15 x 8 same
Transaxle has VW 67 Rear was 59 split case
Location Hope Valley, R.I.
Story Ongoing
Clubs Been to a few shows years ago. None since the 90's
Previous Owner Richard Ceravolo Sr. from CT