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R. B. Irwin Registry

R. B. Irwin was based in Buffalo, NY and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They produced the Wrangler.

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Wrangler Registry

The Wrangler was a "rugged" one-piece buggy with the head lights mounted in the hood. It had a removable engine cover to allow the engine to be pulled without raising the body. Tail lights where built into the tail to give a smooth effect. It could be ordered with fiberglass bumpers and bucket seats.



Body pictures come later
Frame 1967 bug shortened
Engine 1967-1500cc
Status in little pieces all over the garage
Owner tom
Front Tires/Wheels old, and rusty
Rear Tires/Wheels flat
Transaxle swing
Location Tionesta ,PA
Story found on the side of the road, gona be a fun project to get it back on the road




1965 RB Irwin Buggy

Body RB Irwin Buggy
Frame Shortened 1965 VW Beetle
Engine 1600 Dual Port
Status Alive and Kickin'
Owner Andrew Martin
Location Ontario, Canada
Story When my buddy put this up for sale, I recalled seeing them all over in the early 80s - and then that I hadn't seen one in a good decade... so... I had to have it!
Previous Owner Clearwater Design & Racing