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Playboy Manufacturing of San Mateo, CA made at least 2 styles of buggies - one a classic with step down sides on the drive side and another pick-up style similar to a Kellison pickup.

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Playboy Registry

This buggy has very strange sides that are extremely low next to the driver/passenger 's legs, then step up next to their bodies and then step up again where they flow into the rear fenders. The hood has a single ridge and the tail looks slightly rounded.

This buggy was the X-0030 X-File buggy until John Shepard confirmed the id.



Body I just bought this buggy in Maine. Anyone ever seen one like it? Its very easy to slide in and out of...
Frame VW short pan
Owner Matt S in NH



Body playboy
Frame 62 vw
Engine 1600
Owner mike
Front Tires/Wheels 15x6 195x15
Rear Tires/Wheels 15x8 245x60
Transaxle swingaxel
Location st.louis mo


1969 playboy




Body Fiberglass 2 piece
Frame Shortened 1954 VW Swing Axle Bug pan.
Engine 1200cc S/P with a Big Bore kit. (1431cc) 1.25 ratio rockers, high rev valve springs with high volume oil pump. Rebuilt stock heads with aluminum valve covers.
Status rebuild complete on the road and running great
Owner Bart Pearson
Front Tires/Wheels 205/75/15 Yokohama Empi 5 spoke. Disc Brakes
Rear Tires/Wheels 215/75/15 Yokohama Empi 5 spoke. Drum Brakes w/e-brake
Transaxle Stock VW
Location Oceano California
Story As kids my wife and I both had Dads that owned and rebuilt VW dune buggies. My wife decided to buy one for me on my 40th birthday. 6 months later it began a transforming ground up restoration.
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Playboy Pickup Registry

This buggy resembles a Kellison Pickup.