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Body Flipup tail section over engine,1/2 in. lip arround outside edge for beefeness and trim, It has a T-type hood with molded dash . Now my dash is a full all the way to the right side, not a teardrop type. I have seen three types, Teardrop,half dash, and full like mine. I have a full fiberglass top with out opera windows. There is a molded in battery area under back seat. I think on the dash due to leg room is why the teardrop type is all you see now days. Under rear wheel area there is fiberglass filler also to beef up. And last I think , is flat side pods.
Frame paper work says 1960.
Engine yes
Status Owned for seven years now ,body work is done sitin in primer .Frame fully re builted tranny gone thru. The question now how far do I go . Planing full assem. before going to the paint shop.
Owner Glen Thompson South Haven Mi.
Front Tires/Wheels Yes two, one on each side.
Rear Tires/Wheels Yes,Two more on each side.
Transaxle 1967 Ghia , So I was told, New to the bugs life still learning.
Location South Haven Mi.
Story I traded a 1967 Harley Sprint 250. Towed it home . Put in an elect.fuel pump and started it up. Drove arround the track in the back yard, then took it out back to the trails,Came back to the barn. Now is things started to go down hill. It was a bit noisey, so I checked the headers for leaks,found Nylon shiping tape arround one spark plug wire and a crows foot type hold down holding in the spark plug . Striped threads, Then found bent and slit open push rod tubes ,bent push rods, and then ,Ya theres more, In the frount end there was a sheet of plywood bolted to the bottom ,Skid plate? NO it was holding the frount end on and togeather .
Previous Owner Son of A Preacher Man ,Coloma Mi.