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B-C Fiberglass Products, Inc. Registry

B-C Fiberglass Prooducts company, based in Battle Creek, MI produced the BCBee.

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BCBee Registry

The BCBee has a hood resembling a VW Thing, but with more slope. The fenders are rounded and the sides are high. The tail section is flat with a slight curve to it. The dash is absolutely flag and part of the hood.


'70 BC BEE Hardtop

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Status Currently in pieces as seen in photos. Hard top is in good shape, and frame is good but floorpan may need a little welding.
Story Just picked this up off of Craigs List. Originally came from Reed City. I am planning on a complete rebuild this summer.


The Bluggy

Body Re-gel coated with blue metal flake. The body has a 3" lift kit and a full roll change.
Frame Based on a VW pan with extensive reinforcement, flat steel floor, and reinforced front and rear shock towers.
Engine 1915 VW with fuel injection (CB Performance injectors and intakes with a MegaSquirt ECU)
Status In the dunes at Silver Lake, Michigan.
Owner Deb Moran, Winfield, IL
Front Tires/Wheels Moon-eyes
Rear Tires/Wheels 14.50 Desert Traks mounted on Douglas aluminum rims.
Transaxle Heavy duty VW Type 1 built by Thom Leduc.
Location Silver Lake, MI
Story It's supposed to be the "get in and go" buggy, but many years later, we are still trying to perfect it. Fuel injection should be the trick.

It was bought as the substitute buggy for The Imp while the Subaru transplant took place. It now doubles as a jungle gym and troop transporter for sand boarding runs.
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my bcbee

buggy buggy buggy
Body Well, I guess she's a BCBee. Makes sense, I guess, I'm in Indana, not too far from Battle Creek Michigan.
Frame seems to be a 1970 shortened bug pan, based on engine serial # shows the engine was produced between Aug of 1969- July 1970. Rusted pretty bad. I'm just now tearing into this thing and am considering replacing the pan with tubing.
Engine Appears to be very stock. It's a 57 horsepower 1600. Built between August 69 and July 70.
Status Well, I convinced my buddy to buy this thing like 7 years ago. We did alot of work on it then as far as sanding, bondo-ing, painting and wiring. Then he moved and I never saw it again until last summer when he called me and asked if I'd buy it since he was moving in town. Buy this time it looks like the engine needs rebuilt, but I couldn't pass up the price he offered to sell it to me for, so, still waiting for that oil leak fix in my garage.
Owner Derreck Schwehn
Huntertown, Indiana
Front Tires/Wheels Goodrich Advantage GT, no idea what size. 215 / 70 / 14 maybe.
Wheels: No idea. Help me out? Center caps say "keystone".
Rear Tires/Wheels Exact same as front.
Link stock
Transaxle stock
Location Huntertown Indiana
Contact Derreck Schwehn
I'm in the phone book, so if you REALLY want to call me, you'll have to do a little work.
Story I think I pretty much told the whole story already, but where I left off is now that I've decided to tear into this thing, finally, I've become slightly obsessed I think!!! I've pretty much spent all my free time the last couple weeks online learning about the buggies, and thinking about what I want to do to mine. I'd like to replace the floor with a tube steel one, and build a rollcage similar to "bluggers'". But that's after I get the major oil flow stopped from the engine case...
Clubs not yet.
Previous Owner Craig Bucher, Huntertown, Indiana


Phil's BC Bee

buggy buggy buggy buggy
buggy buggy
Body Painted GM Space Blue. It's close to original, but no flakes
Frame 1959 Beetle, shortened.
Engine 1679cc with dual 34 Solexes, mild cam, dual port heads.
Status I drive it when the weather allows!
Owner Phil Thornton. Urbana, Ohio
Front Tires/Wheels Grand Am P195/60 R15's mounted on 6" wide Chevrolet Rallye Wheels from mid '60's.
Rear Tires/Wheels Mickey Thompson 29 x 12.50-15LT's mounted on 10" wide Chevrolet Rallye Wheels custom made by Pete Paulsen in California.
Transaxle VW Bus 3 rib.
Location Built in St. Paris, Ohio.
Story My dad built this buggy in 1970. Dad built it "on the cheap" using the original 36hp engine. After he passed away, I acquired the buggy. Being the gearhead that I am and wanting more horsepower, I started a rebuild in 1980. With family obligations and moving around the country to chase employment, I finally finished the project for Fathers Day 2005.


Orange BcBee

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Body BcBee Hard Top
Frame 64 Vw Swing axle/king pin
Engine 1600cc Dual Port Vw
Status Summer Driver & Prepping for shows for next year
Owner Chris Shepperson
Front Tires/Wheels 225/60/15 on 15" Player Wire knockoffs
Rear Tires/Wheels 31/10.5/15 On 15" Player Wires
Location St Clair Shores, MI
Story Found on Craigslist. Bought and brought home and been rebuilding/restoring since.


1970 bc-bee

Frame shortend 1959 in great shape
Engine 1972 dual port ah vw 1600 daul flapper
Status getting ready to come out of hiding
Owner robert tedder
Front Tires/Wheels 265 by15
Rear Tires/Wheels 245 by 15
Transaxle 1970 karman gia high gear


Calvin and Bev's BC Bee buggy

buggy buggy
Body Originally red metal flake, but has now been repainted to a line green by previous owners. Hope to return to red metal flake at some point.
Frame 62 VW pan in great shape.
Engine 1915cc with dual Solex carbs and other modifications.
Status Running, driving, licensed in VA
Owner Calvin Sanders
Front Tires/Wheels 205-65-14 BF Goodrich Radial TA on 7" Chrome wheels with hubcaps
Rear Tires/Wheels 295-60-15 BF Goodrich Radial TA on 10" Chrome wheels with hubcaps
Location Virgina
Story Great condition dune buggy. I have been told that this buggy was used as the mascot parade vehicle for Kansas (City?) State University when it was originally built. I have not been able to locate any pictures or more information. I met the owner one day while getting gasoline. About a year later I got an email that said he was selling it since he didn't have enough time for the buggy. It is in great condition and runs great.
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