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Allison Fiberglass based in Daytona Beach Florida built the Allison Daytona.

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Allison Daytona Registry



Body Allison Daytona
Full wheel base
Frame 1969
Engine ?
Status Runs and drive great
Owner Jasen Parks
Front Tires/Wheels I will have to go look
Rear Tires/Wheels I will have to go look
Link ?
Transaxle ?
Location Cleveland TN
Contact Jasen Parks
Story I bought from a Shriner in Chattanooga.
Clubs Alhambra Buggy Patrol


Allison Daytona

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Frame 1968 VW Shortened
Engine 1700cc
Status Runs great! Would drive it anywhere.
Front Tires/Wheels BF Goodrich T/A Radials 195/70/14
American Machine and Welding 14 x 5.5
Rear Tires/Wheels BF Goodrich T/A Radials 295/50/15
American Machine and Welding 15 x 8.5
Transaxle Swing arm.
Location Charleston, SC
Story I bought this from a US Marine stationed in Paris Island, SC. It was in pieces and in very rough shape. It didn't run. The original paint/gelcote was flaking off and faded, the pan had no floors, etc. It needed everything! If it looks new, it probably is or rebuilt. I did everything myself and painted in my garage. It took about 15 months to do this in my spare time.
Previous Owner A US Marine from Paris Island, SC.


Fred Powell's Allison

buggy buggy
Body 1969 Allison short body
Frame Shortened 1974, powdercoated, abs brakes, front discs
Engine 2275 cc Scat crank and rods, 94mm pistons, 44mm Webers, etc.
Status Complete vehicle, drive it anywhere. .
Owner Fred Powell
Gainesville, Ga
Front Tires/Wheels Porsche turbo front wheels 6.5 inch
Rear Tires/Wheels Porsche turbo rear wheels 8.5 inch
Transaxle Modified VW, 4 gear spyder diff, welded 3rd and 4th. Billet side cover.
Story This Allison was firstborn in September of 1969. My friend and I built this buggy for his mother when we were just 19 and worked at the local VW dealer Bell Auto Sales. His dad owned the VW dealership. It was originally purple metal flake with black striping. She (his mom) drove it for more than 30 years until her husband traded it for a pop-up camper! I believe it passed through two additional owners for a short time until I recovered in in 2005. The owner was driving it through town with a for sale sign on it, my wife and I chased him down and bought it on the spot! Once we started the restoration it took about 18 months to restore/rebuild. The only parts original to the Allison are the rollbar, body and original Allison nameplate. Every other part has been upgraded or replaced. Nothing of the original chassis or interior is present. It was reborn in spring of 2007.


Ken Lees ( Blue Moon Dune )

Body allison daytona car buggy
Frame shortened v w
Engine Scat 2027cc Stroker Motor
Status Bought this Allison from a police officer in Alabama that bought it from Bill & Val in Atlanta Ga. some of the history is availiable by searching Allison dune buggy and going to "Bill & Vals Blue Moon Dune project", since purchase I have upgraded all the wiring and restored the dash and added custom steering wheel, changed torque thrust wheels to SS Cragar wheels, constucted new wood for rear sear and had complete interior professionaly covered in white roll and pleat, I love driving and showing my Allison and the power of the stroker motor and performance of the Rancho Trans in lots of fun !!!!
Owner Ken Lee
Front Tires/Wheels 195/70/14 with SS Cragars
Rear Tires/Wheels 275/60/15 with 15x10 SS Cragars
Transaxle Rancho Pro Street
Location Rock Hill S.C
Story My dad and myself built buggys in 70s, Dad has passed now, and I got the urge to continue the tradion !!! We were allways partial to the Allison Dune Buggys !!!!



Body Pick up


Kens Allison Shriner Dune Buggy

Body I allways wanted a Allison Shriners Dune Buggy since 1973 when I was 14, This one came availiable in Memphis Tenn. I jumped at the chance to get it, the brand new 1641 and the room of the long body makes it a great cruiser !!!
Frame Full length vw
Engine 1641cc
Status I love driving my Allison to shows around the south, I would love to branch out to the southeast and drive it to Carlisle for that show !!!
Owner Ken Lee
Front Tires/Wheels 185/75/15 BF Goodrich TA Radials with 15x 4 1.2 alluminum slotted dish wheels
Rear Tires/Wheels 275/60/15 BF Goodrich TA Radials with 15x10 Shelby 500 alluminum slotted dish wheels
Location Rock Hill SC
Story I feel in love with the shriners Allisons as a young man when my dad bought a spatz from a shriner, Mr Bowers was selling the Spatz to get a new Allison as all the shriners in town wanted there buggys to match for the parades and compititions, The ones in my home town were all red metal flake with white interior but I could never get my hand on one of them, This one came up for sale in Memphis Tenn, I am the 4 th owner and the first to ever own it that wasnt a Shriner,I also got the original order form from Allison that came with the car when it was new, I love driving and showing my Allison Shriners Dune Buggy !!!


1970 Allison


Andy's Allison Daytona

buggy buggy buggy buggy
buggy buggy buggy buggy
Body Allison Daytona - 1970 fiberglass body (original gelcoat)
Frame 1970 IRS VW Shortened
Engine 1600cc Single Port
Status Very nice daily driver!
Owner Andy Stanton
Front Tires/Wheels Vintage mid-70's American Racer rims.
Rear Tires/Wheels Vintage mid-70's American Racer rims.
Location Collinsville, CT
Story 2007 South Carolina barn find. Original fiberglass buggy. Never built until 2007.


allison daytona

Body allison daytona
Frame 73 vw pan
Engine 1600 vw type 1
Status slow project
Owner bugfarmer
Front Tires/Wheels centerline drums drilled and studs installed
Rear Tires/Wheels centerline
Link here
Transaxle 73 vw bug
Location seffner fla
Story just got slow slow project
Clubs none
Previous Owner sundance


jitter bug


Loch Ness "Nessie"

Body Allison Daytona short body
Frame 1966 swing axle
Engine 1600 D.P.
Status 1966 Allison Daytona never restored, 4000 original miles. I love the interior.
Owner Kelly Foster
Front Tires/Wheels Firestone Wide O Oval G70-14's
Rear Tires/Wheels Road Hugger L50-15 HP. I also have the original wheels and tires that match the front's. Same size as the front's.
Transaxle swing axle
Location Utah
Story This is an all original non restored 1966 Allison Dayton short body. The gentlemen a bought it from used it in his construction co. for advertising and parades. The owner before him was a lady, hence "Nessie". A real time piece. We will use it as much as we can. We love our new buggy.
Clubs Gypsy Inc. We do all kinds of Automotive Restorations.
Previous Owner John Bishop


1970 Allison Shriner Buggy

buggy buggy
Frame 1970 VW
Engine 1600 VW
Status Runs Great
Owner Jamie Appling
Front Tires/Wheels 205/60/14
Rear Tires/Wheels 245/60/14
Transaxle IRS
Location Bartlett/Memphis TN
Contact Jamie Appling
Story I purchased this from a fellow Shriner. It has only been owned by Shriners. It is a 1976 Allison mounted on a 1970 VW Pan. I am I think the 5th Shriner to own this buggy. The owner before the Shriner I bought it from left it at repair shop and they put a mechanics lien on it and then the Shriner I bought it from bought it from the mechanic. While the mechanic had it he stored it behind his shed and the floor pans rusted out had to be replaced.
Clubs Al Chymia Shrine Motor Corps Olive Branch Motor Corps


77 Allison Daytona deluxe touring

Body Full chassis 4 seater with molded rear seats. 1977 deluxe touring model. Purchased as a basket case.
Frame 1974 beetle chassis. Fresh pans welded in.
Engine 1641 dual port. Solex pict 34.
Status Finished April 2015.
Owner Mike Shores and Mike Carpenter
Front Tires/Wheels Ansen slotted mags 13 x 5.5 . Bf Goodrich radial TA 185/60/13
Rear Tires/Wheels Cal 500 slotted mags. 14x8
BF Goodrich radial TA 245/60/14
Transaxle 1974 bug IRS transaxle
Location Fernandina beach.
Story Found this rode hard and put up wet on a farm near Gainesville. We paid a hefty sum for this basket case that had lots of de-lamination and wear and tear. Many many hours of body repair went into this diamond in the rough before we could even consider paint and flake. Then after a black base coat, one pound of .025 cobalt flake was applied. 8 coats of Clear. Block sand. Another Quarter pound of .008 flake. Then another lb of .015 cobalt flake. Then 8 hours of masking for stripes. Snow White pearl went down on the flake for a Faberge pearl effect. All buried in 13 coats of clear. Then block sanded and 2 more clear. Must see in person to appreciate the depth.
Clubs North Florida dune buggy brothers.
Previous Owner Farmer brown?


1970Allison Daytona

Engine 1967 1600
Status Restoration has just been completed
Owner Bertha Leppo
Front Tires/Wheels creagar 3 piece drag 5 spoke
Rear Tires/Wheels creagar 3 piece drag 5 spoke
Transaxle stock 4 speed
Location Westminster Maryland
Story almost finished after 25 years under the tarp
Clubs none


70 Allison, Wild Willy

buggy buggy buggy buggy
Body Red with white stripe, shortened, built around 1970, 1 of the 10 allison bodys shiped to Bill Martin in Pittsburgh, PA. starting restoration this winter (2011-12)
Frame 1960 frame and king pin front end. floor pans 1/4 galvanized steel.
Engine dual port. (will be rebuilt bigger and better)
Status faded and rusty chrome (for now)
Owner was my dad's Will Forsyth. now its mine (Bart Forsyth). It kinda always was mine. I used to drive it to school. My father has passed but i want to restore it exactly the way it was.
Front Tires/Wheels had chevy rally wheels, Dad traded them for graiger SS's. Want to put vett rally wheels back on.
Transaxle 1957 vw bus trans axle (with gearboxs at axle ends).
Location Pittsburgh, PA. (Bethel Park)



Body Flip up rear
Engine 71 1600
Front Tires/Wheels 14 in slots
Rear Tires/Wheels 15 in slots
Location Illinois



Frame 72 Beetle
Front Tires/Wheels Small radials/ Cragar dish mags
Rear Tires/Wheels Mickey Thompson 50's/Cragar dish mags
Transaxle CV Joint
Location Alpine Wyoming
Story Met someone 2 years ago that inherited it, right place, right time.


1966 Allison Daytona Sport

Body Allison Daytona Sport with an assembly date of 9/3/73 marked on rearview mirror
Frame 1966 VW Chassis (shortened)
Engine 1600cc Dual Port Motor, quality rebuild with everything in order.
Status I bought this about a month ago and just sorting out a few small things. This buggy is highly original and has been well maintained across time. I can not imagine that there are too many like this left.
Owner Arthur Lecours
Front Tires/Wheels 215/65/15 on Vintage Western Wheels Cyclone Turbine wheels
Rear Tires/Wheels 255/70/15 on Vintage Western Wheels Cyclone Turbine wheels
Location Dawsonville, GA
Story I graduated from high school in 1982 about 3 miles from where Allison Dune Buggies were built. Growing up in the area, I always wanted one. I purchased this 1966 last month and look forward to taking it to the next level over the course of the next year or so.
Previous Owner Mike Wilson, Lenoir City, TN

Allison Truck Registry

Looks like an Allison Daytona with a pick-up rear section.


allison daytona

Body Allison Daytona deluxe pick up
Engine 1600 dual port
Status Restoring currently
Owner henry rhodes
Front Tires/Wheels original 13 inch slots
Rear Tires/Wheels original 15 inch slots
Story This buggy has been sitting in a garage since 1982. It has 12k miles and is all original. It has been sitting so long the cylinders had an inch of rust scale in them, brake and gas pedal were siezed and floor pans were rusted. I have no idea the year of this or how to read the VIN? on this buggy, I have the body off the frame and installing new pans. I should have it ready by spring 2011
Previous Owner ?????????


Ken Lee allison truck

Frame shortened v w
Engine 1600 dual port
Status building at this time
Owner Ken Lee
Front Tires/Wheels has original alliance, have weld wheels 15x3 1/2 with sonar tires to go on it
Rear Tires/Wheels has original alliance, have weld wheels 15x10 with mickey thompson sportsman pro tires to go on it
Location Rock Hill S.C
Story My Dad and myself built buggies in the 70s dad has passed now, and I want to carry on the tradition, what better way to start but with two Allisons the truck and car bodies, Here is what im starting with.


Allison Daytona Truck

Body Allison Daytona Truck
Frame 71 IRS pan, 2X2 perimeter frame with a a cage and roll hoop.
Engine Vintage Performance 2332, dual Webber 44's custom fabricated merged header to dual trumpet exhaust.
Status Finally finished!!!!
Owner Tony Savini
Front Tires/Wheels 14X6 Cragar SS with 205-60 14 BFG Radial TA's
Rear Tires/Wheels 15X10 Cragar SS with 275-60 15 BFG Radial TA's
Location Southeast Pa.
Story This buggy has been in my family since the 70's. My father built it at his business, a VW specialty shop. It was built for a customer, but he soon bought it back. I remember riding around in it as a little kid, thinking it was the coolest car ever! It has been off the road since '82, and sat outside for almost 20 years. I hadn't told my father I was restoring it. I wanted to surprise him with the finished product. Dad got sick a while back, so I told him about the restoration project. He was super excited about it! He did get a chance to see the car and hear it run. I even did a nice burnout for him.
Unfortunately, Dad passed away this summer before I was able to finish the car. I have continued to work on the project in his memory, and hope to have it all finished for spring 2015.