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Previous Next Up Topic Smiley's Bio By Paul Moran Date Thu, 01 Jan 2004 17:22:22 -0000

To: PMoran@(email hidden) Subject: Re: Subie engine

Hi Paul. For a brief history of getting my engine to run, read my reply to Beek in "Buggy Talk" I live in No. Ca. The Subaru engine is in a Sand Sprit 1.I built it as a multi purpose buggy. Since the Rubicon trail and similar terrain is less than 100 miles away from where I live I have a beefy front end on it, with a large rack and pinion, also disc brakes with a proportioning valve. I have a dual handle turning brake and a parking brake so I have two different ways to brake only the rear wheels. I'm using 1992 jetta caslipers with type 4 rotors.All i needed to do for the parking brake was use stock type 1 handle and then shorten the cable. and it is compatible with the jetta calipers. So I have disc brakes all the way around. The reason I went with a Subaru is I wanted a long lasting horsepower. With my 2180 I had to freshen it up every couple of years. I'm hoping once I get it running I can get 10 or 15 years out of it. I prefer the sand, but the closest sand around here is Sand Mountain in Nevada. It is 225 miles from me. I've gone to the dunes in Oregon, and have been down to Pismo quite a few times. If I only did the Jeep trails I probably would have built the buggy with 1776 vw, but since I like to go to the sand a few times a year I felt I needed more ponies., Smiley