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Previous Next Up Topic Paul's EJ20TT Bio By Paul Moran Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 18:33:33 -0000

I put an EJ20TT (2.0 L twin turbo from a Japanese Legacy) with a LinkPlus into my Imp looking for more power and consistancy.

I bought the engine and LinkPlus from Chad who works for Appletree.
He and Josh from XTC fab'ed the exhaust header to the twin turbos and a friend of his did most of the wiring. APG in Chicago fab'ed the turbo to throttle body pipe and the alternator bracket.

The turbos are flipped to the cam belt side and the intake is flipped 180 degrees. Leading Edge chopped the bottom off the oil pan. I mounted a Griffin 31x19" radiator under the back seat. Its tight, but seems to be cooling so far. I need some duct work to keep the warm air from recirculating back into the radiator. There is also a 16" Spal fan mounted to it. To fit the fan and radiator, I made a raked lift kit with 0" of lift at the nose and 4" at the rear shock mount.

I have to place the fan on the trans and then slide the engine in with the radiator already attached. I then slide the fan into its mounts.

The EJ20TT comes with larger injectors than the single turbo models, so my WRX fuel map caused it to run rich for a while. I'm still tuning it, but it seems a lot happier now.

It stopped running for about 3 months starting in August, but after cleaning the cam and crank sensors, it mysteriously started back up again and has run ever since.

Other items include: a high torque starter (I had to spin it about 90 degrees to fit under the radiator, but luckily, it had predrilled holes to allow for this), a Honda Del Sol alternator to fit with the flipped intake, a built up type I trans (swing axle in an IRS case. racing 1st & 2nd, welded 3rd & 4th, super diff, sway-away axles), adjustable spring plates with Baja Beetle level torsion bars, and disc brakes in the back.

At the dyno, it put out 147 ft lbs of torque and 100 hp at 4000 RPM and 7.5 lbs of boost before the O2 sensor went off the scale on the rich side. I didn't realize that the Link interpolates its fuel map, so I didn't change the next row down to a reasonable number & this must have caused it to run way rich. It seems to be fixed now and I've bumped the boost limit up to 15 lbs.

I think that's it. Paul...