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Previous Next Up Topic Re: Looking for instructions By Paul Moran Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 22:51:33 -0000

I may be able to help with the hoses - I plugged everything on the intake except a line to the Link for MAP, a line that splits to the boost controller and a line to the fuel pressure regulator- did yours come with a regulator?

For oil, I plugged the 2 return lines from the turbos and ran them instead to some AN fittings that Leading Edge welded into the oil pan when they shortened it. I flipped the two feed lines to the turbos and they just barely reach.

For coolant, this was the fun part... This is from memory: The 2 large openings are obvious and run to the radiator. I had 2 smaller openings off the thermostat cover. One I ran to the heater :-D and the other splits and goes to the turbos. I think these suck the coolant in. There where two small outlets on the top of the motor. I ran one to the other side of the heater and the other to the preheat on the idle and butterfly. These push fluid out.

The preheat returns to the coolant reservoir. The turbos are fed from the main return line back from the radiator.
I drilled and taped my return SS tubing for these.

My over flow from the radiator goes into the coolant reservoir, and the over flow from the reservoir goes to the bottom of a Mountain Dew bottle.

My harnes was cut too - I'd suggest putting the new aftermarket harness and ECU on and getting it running as soon as possible. But that's just the way I'd do it.


I won't be able to keep the motor running as you suggested, as much as I would like to, because the p.o. pulled the motor already, cutting the harness in the procces. I have a bus bell housing from a scrapped 091 and can mount it up on my stand. So far I have been able to remount the alternator but will need a much shorter belt. I recently bought a used gas tank for my engine stand from Chad, it's setup with an extra AN fitting and a port for a return line. There are bu'ku' hoses on the motor, figuring those out will be fun. :-)