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Previous Next Up Topic Re: Looking for instructions By Paul Moran Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 15:48:07 -0000

I didn't get instructions with mine either...

I started by tearing everything off the engine which may have been a bit of a mistake now looking back. Maybe between Bob and I we can start a list of instructions based on our experience.

Consider if your transmission will hold up to the new power. A guy in Detroit built a beefed up Type I for me.

On the 2.0L, the alternator does not fit once the intake is flipped.
I went to a Honda Del Sol alternator with a new bracket and belt.

Here would be my approach if I had to do it again. I like a 'do something, try it out, do the next step' approach from computer programming... Others may tackle the whole thing at once.

Pull the engine. Strip off all the electronics and save all connectors. Strip anything you won't be using again (AC pump, power steering) Try to get the motor started next. Bolt the conversion plate on. Hook a stripped VW transmission to it. Hook the fuel pump up to the fuel rails and use a temporary tank. Connect the wiring harness for your aftermarket ECU Make a simple 'starter loom' with a push button for the starter and a switch for the ignition. Start the thing but don't let it warm up of course Hook a garden hose to the radiator connectors Start it and let it warm up a big - check compression, fuel flow from the fuel pump, all the basics. At this point you'll know if the engine needs any work before continuing.

Decide what mods you will make (new intake, new exhaust, intercooler, flipped intake, radiator location, etc.) and how it will fit in the buggy. If you can fit the engine in with everything left stock, I'd be tempted to try it this way. Make sure everything fits - find a place for the radiator, hook the fuel up, connect the ECU to the buggy harness.

Then start your custom stuff - Ideally, you could have this stuff worked on while your driving the buggy around...

The parts that took the longest for me where the exhaust manifold (4- 5 months?), the intake from the two turbos to the butterfly (3 months) and the alternator bracket (overlapping with the intake). I did the radiator support in a couple weeks, half the electronics, radiator and fuel plumbing, etc.

Problems with mine that you should watch out for: Exhaust manifold left no room for an air cleaner on the turbos... You'll see from my pictures that they are wedged between the turbo and the cam belt cover.

Alternator bracket makes it tough to remove the belt without taking the whole bracket off.

The wiring is a mess.

The exhaust pipes give me a really bad angle of decent (?) - they stick way out the back for no reason.

Not much room left for an intercooler.

Lots of ugly flex hoses for the radiator plumbing - I'd like to replace these with some custom bent SS tubing.

No support for the engine yet except the converter plate - I need to tie it into the shock supports.

Tuning - I need to find more time to do this...

Hope this helps! Paul...

--- In subbug@(email hidden), "dadeeo777" wrote:

Hey All. Just bought a '91 Legacy with a 2.2 turbo in it, plan to put it in the buggy. Does anyone know of any step by step instructions on stripping the motor down? I know I will need a different ECU, but what can I do myself to help lower costs. I've heard that the intake can be turned around for better mounting the turbo. What else can be done to simplify/cleanup the setup? Any help appreciated. Terry