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Berrien Buggy dealers can supply a Manx style fastback hardtop or a tall rear top that allows people to sit in the back seat. They have them in stock and ready as well as the sidepods. Either will fit almost any Manx length buggy. The windshield must be mounted correctly for the fastback top to hook into the groove on the front side. These are only $199 and come in black leather look gelcoat! Very cool! They look just like a soft top from a distance. Contact Berrien Buggy at or by email at berrienbuggy@(email hidden)lid to find your local dealer! John

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Hey Dudes, I talked to Bruce a week ago & he said they're concentrating on getting the rest of the Classic Manx kits done & the hard top was not at the "top" of the priority list! The "NEW MANX" is the next big project! It will have things like an 18 gallon fuel tank, windshield defroster & heater, opening hood, folding windshield, lockable storage areas, the speedo & gauges will be in front of the driver, a stereo system, dash will be completely wired, full roll cage, body mods will allow for larger tires & longer travel suspension, a hard top & doors & a whole bunch more "improvements"! He said the kit will sell for around $4000.00! It'll be interesting to see! I know it's been a long wait, but I feel the Classic Manx kits that haven't been built or delivered, will be worth the wait! Bruce is a perfectionist & he wants each Classic Manx kit to be perfect! They've had problems finding shops to produce the bodys & sidepods, that share the same ideals about building a flawless product! Last time I was at their house, Bruce showed me some sidepods that looked great to me, but then he pointed out little problem areas & such that he will not allow! Well, you know what they say about artists! You people that are waiting for your Classic Manx kits, Hang Tough, I think once you see your kit you'll appreciate the attention to detail! Have Fun...ManxManiac

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