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Previous Next Up Topic Re: Introductions By Jason Boudreau Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 21:28:24 -0500

Don had a great idea. I know a lot of use already know each other from various other dunebuggy sites and such..but I am sure there are probably a lot more others that don't know us.

My name is Jay Boudreau, I am from Lunenburg Massachusetts.

I work at a small mold making shop..I run some EDM burning machines, some CNC bridgeports, and a CMM (quality control.)

My first buggy was a Boss Bug. I bought it as a basket case about 5 years ago. It still had the original gel coat blue metal flake in perfect condition, so i built it up from that. It had a mild 1835 in it. It was my weekend driver, and also my show car. Won a bunch of trophys with it....then i decided i was going to move on to bigger and better things. I tried to sell it all summer (2 years ago) with no luck. Don't get me wrong..i still loved it, just had my mind set on building a cobra kit car. (factory five)

any how, I didn't even get on single phone call on it, till the day i crashed it. (what luck I have!) I was leaving a car show..gassed it WAY to hard, and actually lifted the front tires off the ground a bit. Well needless to say, the road went left, and i went straight right into a guard rail. I bend a tie rod, and broke a huge chunk of the fender off. (all in front of about 200 people at the car show) I was devastated, and totally embarrassed.

That night I get a call from someone who was looking to purchase my buggy. I told them about my accident, and they still wanted to see it. They ended up buying even for the amount i wanted when it was in perfect condition. I have pictures..just need to scan them of it..and the damage.

Anyhow, after selling it, and getting ready to build a Cobra..I started to notice them EVERYWHERE! Being the kind of guy i am, I need to have something that no one else has..or at least not a lot of. I started to see cobras everywhere i looked. The guy down the street was even building a Cobra now!.

Last summer was horrible. No cool car to drive around in, and take to shows was killing me! I was kicking myself for selling my buggy. I really started to consider building another one... I noticed that the Manx club was selling the limited Classic Manx, and I thought that would be the perfect starting point.

Well here it is 2001, I have my purple metal flake body (still waiting for the side pods) mounted on a Berrien buggy tube chassis. It also has a Rancho pro street plus tranny, and I am building a 165 horse 2276. Beard seats, Ultra lite gauges, and a wheelie bar (so i don't crash this one!) finishes it off.

I had Eric over at ERCO make me up some custom wheels that should be here soon.

It is SOOOOOOO cold out, that I don't think i will be working on it till the spring time. I have spent way more money that i had planed, but its been fun. I totally enjoy building it. Just cant wait till its finshed...and smokin some v8 cobras! :)

Sorry that my post is so long. Once i start talking about Buggys, its hard to stop. (just ask my girlfriend about that one!)

Take care guys, and lets here all your stories and intros.

Jay Boudreau jboudreau@(email hidden)lid