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Previous Next Up Topic Introductions By Don Giovanoni Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 23:18:32 -0000

For a lot of people this is the slow season for building and enjoying their buggy and as this is a pretty intimate list so far, and for us new guys, how about a round of introductions? Name, location, buggy history, current project/buggy, plans, etc. I am hoping to meet people (at least virtually) who share enthusiasm for dune buggies - especially fiberglass ones...

I'll start - Don Giovanoni St. Louis, MO.

Bought first Manx in 1971, moved to a Tow'd, then a 2 seater HiJumper, then a Funco SSII single seat buggy, then a Chenowth 2 seat play buggy, then a second Manx, then a Royale RP19 air cooled SuperVee, then a Lola T324 SuperVee, and just to prove that everything comes around, building a Signature Manx (working on mechanicals, waiting for the body).

Let's hear from everybody! Don