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Previous Next Up Topic Re: Bad Day For Brakes :( By Michael Cates Date Sun, 18 Nov 2001 00:46:19 -0000

Kevin Daxon wrote:

Hey guys, as you all know I had been planning on re-doing the rear brakes on my buggy this weekend, unfortunately it now seems (at least for the moment) that isn't going to happen.

It seems Type III's do use a different drum then the Type I's and it's a drum which the shops in my area don't carry! I did find one place (So. Cal. Imports) but they wanted about $100 for one drum! So now it seems that for the moment I'll just be replacing the leaky wheel cylinder and living with the warped drums (on the bright side the shoes have lots of pad left so I shouldn't be needing to replace them anytime soon).

One thing my troubled mind thought of though as I was calling around this morning was how hard would it be convert the rear brakes on my car to the ones the Type I's use? Is that not really feasible (I figure there must be something I'm not thinking of) or would I just be better-off saving-up for either new drums or a rear disk kit (which at fist glance looks to cost within $50 of what new drums, shoes, springs and cylinders will cost).

Any opinons would be appreciated! :)

    --Kevin "Whoa!" Daxon
    '67 Desert Fox - 3 Good Brakes :/

Hey Kevin, where do you live? Do you have IRS or swingaxle? You have 4 bolt drums correct? Latest Rage in Alpine, east of San Diego, has a 4 bolt rear disc brake kit for $155.00 in their ad in HotVWs/Dec.2001! Cheap way to go discs! There isn't a provision for an emergency brake, but you could always find a pair of 260/280Z rear calipers with the e-brake feature! Are there any wrecking yards in your area? Sometimes you can find good drums there! Good Luck & Have Fun...ManxManiac