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Previous Next Up Topic Re: Disc Brake Advice By patiomatt Date Thu, 4 Jan 2001 20:53:37 EST

danmac@(email hidden)lid writes:

<< my Kyote is so light in the front that the front brakes are actually hazardous in rain or light sand on the road {intersections}. The front end locks up. >>

You have TOO much brake! in front. Remember you can OVERBRAKE !

Put an adjustable "porportioning valve" in the front system and change to a DUAL MC

Wildwood, etc. sell them or you can make one from your old master cylinder!

1 - take out the pressure valve in the outlet. [ drill].

2- Tee in the line to your front brake line [ you MUST have a dual MC ]

3- Take the spring out of your MC and place it BEHIND the piston [ where the pushrod went.

4- make a plate that bolts to the Ears. Drill / Tap a 10mm bolt into the plate so that it will stop the piston from moving back [ your adjuster ]

Back off the bolt all the way. Drive and lock up the rears [ easy now! ]

Screw the bolt in and try again until you get NO skidding from any of the 4 wheels.

You are now adjusted! for Today and these conditions. Even in the worst conditions this will be better than you ever imagined! That's why racers use the adjustables. They adjust as the track changes during the race! This is not necessary for the street. Only if you were going to haul heavy loads would you need to adjust.

Now you can put Discs on the BACK where all the weight is! Not on the front!

Hope this helps! Remember the lastest cars have "anti - lock" brakes [abs]