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Previous Next Up Topic Re: NEED HELP TO ID. MY ENGINE ??? By scott whitman Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 07:18:40 -0800 (PST)

Hum...the number appears to have an extra letter after AE...The number should be located under the Alternator stand, easy to read.
The AE on a stock case was from August 1970-oct 72 according to the VW manual. A few difference from older cases is the Dual intake port and dual oil pressure relief that you have. I have an AE case on one buggy and a no number aftermarket case.

Recheck the # and if it is correct maybe someone here can offer some more information. I'd check my buggy but it's in storage.

--- MART RANE wrote:

1st. i want to tank you for helping me

2nd. i know the chassis is a 74 and the number near the pulley is

AES 417127 i hope it is the number you where asking me !

tanks again


scott whitman wrote: A couple easy things to start with. Most Buggies that have a VW chassis will not share the same engine for that year. So, to start with you need to identify your chassis...there is a VIN number on the center tube behind your emergency brake, it's stamped into the metal. From that number we can "date" your chassis. The engine has a number behind the bottom pulley a bit to the right stamped into it. That will tell us the year of that. Bad news is the CAM might not be original and the cyclinder heads have been replaced to a bigger bore because stock for 1970ish engines were/or are referred to as 1600cc. Modifing the crankshaft for a different stroke and bigger bores to increase the displacement are common mods to these engines. Also, one major difference is 6v & 12v system. So if you like to play with Legos then you'll enjoy the buggy because you can mix & match parts in the VW world...Welcome. Get those numbers and we'll date it...and give you some links to other helpful sites.

--- sc42766bug wrote:

Hi everyone, i am new to vw's,and i bought this dune in december and i want to restore it, but when you order parts you need to know what type of engine you have ? could somebody help me identify my engine .the guy that sold me the dune told me it was a 17xxcc p.s. i am still trying to i.d. my dune buggy it would be kind of you to tell me if you know.

tanks martin

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