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Previous Next Up Topic ...someone said something about relays when wiring a buggy... ... By rob Date Sun, 11 Jul 2004 08:54:11 -0400

hello all... ...!!!...

...i have been in lurk mode for a long time again. i apologize for that. my situation has improved, but it is still tricky at best to get time and money together to get my car out on the road. i have been stuck at the point where i only need a few electrical issues addressed and then i should be able to get this beast "legally" and "dependably" on the streets of northern virginia...

...any help you guys could give me to start setting up and knocking down these last few items on the checklist would be greatly appreciated... ::)

01) relays: i have a bugpack wiring harness and have seen recent discussion on the list regarding the need for relays in the circuits for the lights, and the need to place them within a certain distance of the fuse block, or the lights or both. i would like to know exactly where i need to put them for trouble free reliable driving of this buggy on the roads.

02) charging system: how do i wire up the charging system for this beast to make sure that it is chargng the battery (and not draining it, as it is now!) while i drive?

03) turn signals/hazzards: i know i need the blinker relay for the turn signals and hazzards to work. can anyone recommend the best, and/or cheapest/easiest to install (if they are all the same quality/function), and how/where to install it? please consider that i have a three position toggle for operation of the turnsignals, and a two position toggle for the operation of the hazzards, if it makes a difference in your recommendations.

04) windshield wipers: i know i have asked this question here before, but it has been so long that i am going to need some fresh perspective. i apologize for that.

some info:

i have: 2 position toggle for the hazzards 3 position toggle for the turn signals 2 position toggle for the head lights 2 position toggle for the high beams and driving lights/fog lights together (all together four actual lights mounted on the front of the car with single beams in the fog/driving light bezels and hi/lo beams in the main chrome buggy bezels) 3 position toggle for the windshield wipers momentary contact pushbutton for the horn

traditional ignition switch with a key from advance auto parts(/trak auto)

...i am dying to get this on the road! hopefully by the end of the month. it seems like i have all (or damn near all) of the parts, i just lack the know how and confidence to get this hooked up!

thanks crazees!,

  • rob ::)


...if anyone (mike?) would consider coming to fairfax, virginia to help me wire this thing, there could be some beers, or some cash, or some bugs in your teeth from the maiden voyage, or any combination of these things in it for you. (don't everybody volunteer at once now!) ;;)