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Previous Next Up Topic Re: Disc Brake Advice By Dan {Kyote 1} MacMillan Date Fri, 05 Jan 2001 00:31:44 -0000

Hey Don just a thought but my Kyote is so light in the front that the front brakes are actually hazardous in rain or light sand on the road {intersections}. The front end locks up. I have a 1966 chassis with original brakes. I did not install a limmiter in the front and it is a single stage system. I think you would be far better off with disk brakes in the rear and eliminating the fronts {if legally possible where you are} In Ontario the minimum for a "homebuilt" vehichle is brakes on at least 2 wheels with a 2nd braking system {park brake} in case of hydraulic failure. The only other way would be disk on the front with a limmiter but then you are spending a lot and not improving the stopping ability of the car. On the topic of drum brakes. I put close to 4000 miles on the Kyote this summer and did not have to adjust the brakes during that time. I did it in the spring and may have to do it at the end of next summer. Being such a light car the brakes last a long time.

Hope this helps you out Dan

--- In dunebuggyarchives@(email hidden), "Don Giovanoni" wrote:

I have been holding off on buying wheels for the new Manx because I am struggling with the decision to run disc brakes or not. I originally was going to convert my 69 chassis to wide 5 bolt wheels, using Thing or Type III rear drums and OE 66-67 front drums. This would give me the vintage look I thought I wanted.

I know from experience that a Manx doesn't weigh much and drum brakes normally stop one fine, but I like the self-adjusting feature of disc brakes. Throw in the fact that calipers and pads are a heck of a lot easier to work with than brake shoes, springs, and adjustment tabs/wheels, no laying on your back with a brake spoon, and you can see the disc brakes appeal. I am thinking of sticking with 4 bolt wheels and run disc in front and stock drums in the rear.

Has anyone converted to KG front disc brakes (which is what the conversion kits provide)? What is your experience? Do they mess up the front to rear brake bias, causing squirrelly stops? Did you keep the stock or bus master cylinder?

Any input would be welcome... Don