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Previous Next Up Topic Re: Super Beetle body removal By fourustircom Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 17:35:20 -0000

The strut attachments are rotted, so the strut suspension must go. I think the body will fit on the sand rail chassis, but I'll probably have to raise it some to clear the front suspension. The rest of the body looks ok.

Got all kinds of junk when we cleaned out. How about a 1956 1.1l? Shrouds, single and dual port heads, trans axle, glas bug fenders, etc. It was like a greasy Christmas!

Ron S.

--- In dunebuggyarchives@(email hidden), Jeff Gum wrote:

Yep, if you pull the body you definitely loose the upper attachment points for the McPherson struts, since they're part of the body. I wonder if it would be possible to fit some kind of shorter strut and fabricate a new upper frame mounting point to be able to use this in a FGB? I'm sure with enough imagination and skill it could be done. Be a nice set-up for a street buggy!


t 06:18 PM 9/5/2003 -0400, you wrote:

If you pull it off the pan, you do lose the upper support for the MacPhereson struts though, right? So you'd effectively lose any chance of it being a 'roller' chassis. I have a few pictures of my Superbeetle attached. I shrunk them so they wouldn't be too bad for dial-up users.