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Previous Next Up Topic Re: Super Beetle body removal By fourustircom Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 19:44:19 -0000

Thanks, Jeff, one of the rear control arms was installed on the sand rail as well as the trans. I was thinking of hacking the roll cage off the sand rail and bolting the body to that frame. The cage on the rail keeps cracking, but has not in the old pan area.

Ron S.

--- In dunebuggyarchives@(email hidden), Jeff Gum wrote:

Sure can - comes off the pan just like a "regular" Beetle. Near as I can tell, from the front firewall back it's pretty much identical to an IRS Bug, especially the early Supers. Just the front frame head is different for the McPherson Strut front suspension. You can even swap frame heads with a regular Beetle (cutting and welding kind'a work) and make a.. regular Beetle pan out of it. The later model Super (with the curved windshield) has a slightly more sophisticated front suspension, with rack and pinion steering.
This is the "hot-lick" starting point for a German Look Beetle. Supers (73 or 74 and later?) also have the desirable stronger IRS trans, and or course IRS rear suspension set-up. Might be some good pieces to work with there.


At 05:24 PM 9/5/2003 +0000, you wrote:

Hi, Folks!

About to pick up an old SB that came along in my trade. I know it's not worth much as is, but with a better frame and suspension... Anyway, is this a unibody setup? Can the body be removed from the pan or does it even have one?

Ron S.