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Previous Next Up Topic RE: Re: Introductions By Brendan.Irwin Date Thu, 4 Jan 2001 16:01:03 -0800

Here goes:

I used to drool over pictures of buggies in the J.C. Whitney catalog when I was a kid. Last year, a friend of a friend passed on his neglected el Lobo to me. It had been garaged but unused for 14 years. I spent three rushed weekends freeing up the brakes, rebuilding the carb, replacing the tranny mounts and rewiring the necessities so that it could come with us on an RV trip to Mexico. I'm happy to say that all the work paid off handsomely as we spent the week blasting around San Felipe. It survived that abuse and now serves as weekend transportation around town. We are looking forward to our return to Baja in March.

Brendan Glendora, CA.

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Good Idea! I'm in Minnesota, so right now, the buggy work is nil! I have two glass buggies, a Safari and a Spatz (you can see them at I even have a line on what may be an original Manx with a corvair on the back that I might rescue in the spring (zoom)! So many projects... so little garage space!

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For a lot of people this is the slow season for building and enjoying their buggy and as this is a pretty intimate list so far, and for us new guys, how about a round of introductions? Name, location, buggy history, current project/buggy, plans, etc. I am hoping to meet people (at least virtually) who share enthusiasm for dune buggies - especially fiberglass ones...

I'll start - Don Giovanoni St. Louis, MO.

Bought first Manx in 1971, moved to a Tow'd, then a 2 seater HiJumper, then a Funco SSII single seat buggy, then a Chenowth 2 seat play buggy, then a second Manx, then a Royale RP19 air cooled SuperVee, then a Lola T324 SuperVee, and just to prove that everything comes around, building a Signature Manx (working on mechanicals, waiting for the body).

Let's hear from everybody! Don

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