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By John S 2 Date 2008-02-18 03:50 Edited 2008-03-19 17:56
Here it is guys! Available soon through MAM for Funfest 2008 as promised by Eric!
I love it. I think it captures the idea, (kitchen table plans drawn up...Let's do it).

I am working doing a very special T-shirt for the Funfest Buggy Build.
I would like to get your ideas on what we should put on it.
I want it to represent the UNITY of our community and maybe even a thank you to Bruce for inventing
this crazy car we are all so passionate about.

What do you guys think????
John Shepard the DBA
By Rayth O 670 Date 2008-02-18 04:02
A bunch of legs sticking out from under a buggy with parts sitting around
MidAmerica Funfest May 31-June 1 2008
THE buggy event of 2008, BE THERE!!!!
By Kustoms Date 2008-02-18 04:44
Something about that place that makes them there new fangle molded carpets, Tops, Covers and such. Ya know... Tijuana Kustoms.
By John S 2 Date 2008-02-18 13:35
Definately will carry some product promotion for companies involved ;-)

I thought of maybe a Frankenstien scene with guys in doctor garb around a buggy.
John Shepard the DBA
By Kustoms Date 2008-02-18 14:35
You just gave me an Idea. The build team could wear butcher coats like in the Bentley books. That would look kool in photos.
By John S 2 Date 2008-02-20 23:02
I had an idea today thinking about the back of the shirt telling the story of the dune buggy.
Like a family tree from the manx down.
Different roots for different model.
Small pics of each one tree'd together...

John Shepard the DBA
By dumbuggy man Date 2008-02-27 13:49
I like the idea of a Frankenstien theme maybe with a big caption above "It's Alive"
By Southpaw Date 2008-02-29 12:41
Why is it spelled   FUN E FEST . I dont think this to be right Glen
Bremen Speed Equ. Citation #1077
By Kustoms Date 2008-02-29 13:07
We gatta do the coat thing.
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-02-29 13:08
If I was a chick, I'd be all over those build guys, lol

Do we all need to send in head shots for the photoshop?

I like the concept. I'll be happy wearing that under my lab coat. :-)

By GreenManx Date 2008-02-29 13:17
Jay If i can get some time i will try to make up a 3D cad rendering of some of the elements that you can use in photoshop. If i can get it good ill let you know.

Meyer's Manx
By John S 2 Date 2008-02-29 13:48
Why is it spelled   FUN E FEST . I dont think this to be right

I was making a Fun e joke.

Since this is the electronic version of Funfest it's the Fun e Fest......

Really a typo at 11:30 last night while fooling around clipping some images and putting it up.

John Shepard the DBA
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-02-29 14:01
Oh ROn, I'm no Photoshop guy, sorry. I was asking if we should send in head shots so the bodies can have heads of those who have volunteered to actually build the buggy. That was more a joke anyway...

By GreenManx Date 2008-02-29 14:25
OK jay I was playing around with it anyway and i cant get it to look real I tried.
Meyer's Manx
By John S 2 Date 2008-03-19 04:41
Real Close on the shirt design.
MAM is going to make the shirts available for a very limited time.
Members of the build team will get them first, then they will be available for sale.

I'll post a pic soon.
It is going to be really cool.
John Shepard the DBA
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-03-19 08:59
I can't wait. :-)
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-19 16:48
Hey guys, the T-Shirt design is finished and John will be posting it to the site real soon. If you are interested in ordering one of these before Funfest email me at . They are $10 each. We will also have them for sale at Funfest. Thanks again and don't forget to introduce yourself to me at Funfest.

Eric Roley
Mid America Motorworks
By John S 2 Date 2008-03-19 18:08
John Shepard the DBA
By SurviverBlues Date 2008-03-19 23:10
Just curious will they be white or in a variety of colors?
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-20 14:48 Edited 2008-03-20 19:18
Here is the direct link to order your shirts to have them before Funfest. I will have the shirts in house and ready to ship out the beginning of May so that you can have them in time to wear to Funfest.

Thanks, Eric Roley
Mid America Motorworks

***If you are not comfortable ordering from our website, call me 217-540-4339 and I will place your order over the phone.
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-03-20 17:04
Wow, I'm not complaining, but are there plans to offer any sizes other than large? I clicked on options and all I had show up are "large"

By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-20 18:20 Edited 2008-03-20 18:34
That is not correct, I am getting that fixed. We offer S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. I will get that fixed asap.

EDIT: The problem is now fixed. All sizes will now show when you go to place and order.

Thanks for making me aware of the problem so that I could fix it.

Thanks, Eric Roley
By Kustoms Date 2008-03-20 21:42
You forgot Wind Wings, Sombrero top, Pre shortened cables, Scuff guards, Buggy blanket (car cover) and carpet.
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-20 21:53
By GreenManx Date 2008-03-22 14:56
I just had a thought the t-shrits cost $10 so how much of that is the DBA get because it does cost some money to run this site i assume.
Meyer's Manx
By GreenManx Date 2008-03-22 14:58
WOW TOM they left out a lot of items your kind enough to supply
Meyer's Manx
By Kustoms Date 2008-03-22 16:37
Its all good Ron. There's only so much room.
By John S 2 Date 2008-03-23 01:36
I just had a thought the t-shrits cost $10 so how much of that is the DBA get

Ron, what the Dunebuggyarchives website gets a one in a lifetime chance for a Major National Company to support their efforts and promote the website on the back of a couple of hundred VW and Dune Buggy fanatics T-shirts.

Just being mentioned on the same shirt with a Class Act like Mid America is worth more than we could ever want.

You can't buy the attention this event will bring to everyone involved. In fact I am going to zip off a letter right now to HotVws magazine to make sure they keep the cover pic open for the Buggy Build!!!

Thanks again Eric for your help in making this happen.
John Shepard the DBA
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-24 16:01
Kustoms & Greenmanx - trust me that it was not left out intentionally. I was going by the information that was provided to me. Honestly, I am not sure if there would have been room for all of that anyway. I am sure everyone is grateful for all that you are donating. The bigger picture is that your company name is highlighted in Red on the T-Shirt and you will be mentioned in all of the press that comes from it. We just wanted to provide people with a T-Shirt to remember the Dune Buggy Build at an affordable price AND was fair to all of the major companies that are donating products. Personally, I think it is a cool T-Shirt and the Dune Buggy Build is going to turn out great for everyone. Thanks, Eric Roley
By Kustoms Date 2008-03-24 19:01
Hi Eric. Read my last post.
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-24 19:30
Kustoms - nice talking to you on the phone. Looking forward to working with you. See you at Funfest.
By GreenManx Date 2008-03-25 00:15 Edited 2008-03-25 00:21
Sorry i didn't mean anything mean of to get anyone upset at that was just curious that's all. I think Mid America and Kustoms and the other donations to the project shows that's the buggy invasion is going to stay.

Eric I hear you keep up the great work your show is going to be the show of the year and I am mad i can't be there (work and super high air fares for me and my son) so I will have to rely on Tom for the info from the show.

I wish you guys would do a web cast for the guys who can't be there.
Meyer's Manx
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-25 13:07
Hey, no problem Greenmanx. I just wanted to to let everyone know that this is not just a Mid America Project. This Dune Buggy Build and T-Shirt is for the Dune Buggy Community. With the help of everyone involved, we will pull off maybe one of the greatest Dune Buggy adventures of all times. Anyway, I am sorry to hear that you can not make it. I will make sure to get a T-Shirt to John for you.

We are considering a webcast and also considering hiring a filming crew to tape the whole thing. I will let you know on that. A DVD would be pretty cool.

Also, I believe the buggy invasion is here to stay as well. I am working really hard at integrating Dune Buggy parts into our offering. Is anyone going to the Michigan Buggybuilders show this weekend? I will be there. Let me know if you are going.
By GreenManx Date 2008-03-25 13:57
Eric i must say you sound like a strite up guy and the more i read about what your doing for the show the more disapointed i can't be there. after the buggy build is done it should go on tour around the country to show what good ideas hard work and great buggy minds can do and the passion that goes into these cars.

I know what goes into these large events I am in the tradeshow biz and organizing planing and building is a ton of work.

Meyer's Manx
By John S 2 Date 2008-03-25 14:44
I love the idea of a DVD. I know it would be something that people would want.
I talked to a couple VW video guys but, neither was available for the weekend of the show.

There are a few people that don't think this can be done in 2 days.
I can't wait to prove that when the VW dune buggy community pulls together we can do anything.
Every day on our site, people get help from other dune buggy nuts on who to do things, what kind of buggy they have and lots more...

It is amazing how far we have come from 10 years ago when we started this website.
John Shepard the DBA
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-25 15:04
I will let you know about the DVD. It is about a 75% chance.

Also, I know the Dune Buggy community will rally behind you to make sure this happens. I know that I will be more than happy to "wrench" next to you guys. You are all a class act.

Stay in touch with me.

Also, check out these new T-Shirts that just went LIVE today. Just want to make sure that we have a T-Shirt for more than just the Beetle crowd. =)
By Sandsurfer Date 2008-03-25 22:36
I will be at the Buggy Builders Show this weekend.

By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-03-26 01:38
Eric, will there be any of "new" the buggy T's available for sale at the show?

By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-26 13:03
Yes, the new T-Shirt will be available at the show. The reason I am trying to Pre-sell the Dune Buggy Build T-shirts is that we are only ordering a set amount of them and when they are gone they are gone. If you pre-order the dune buggy build shirt now, you are guaranteed to get one.
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-26 15:45
I will be arriving at the Michigan Off Road show Saturday evening and staying at the Radisson. Where you staying at or are you driving in Sunday?
By GreenManx Date 2008-03-26 19:09
Here's another thought I know everyone will like.
With all the talk about the t-shrits wouldn't be nice to have a few nice looking ladies wearing the build shirt and the DBA thong now that would draw tons of attention well maybe too much :-)

Meyer's Manx
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-03-26 22:50
Eric, the reason I asked about the new shirts being available for the show, is because I already placed my order for the build T shirt(s). I think it was on the first day they were available. Didn't want to pay twice for shipping.

By SurviverBlues Date 2008-03-26 23:19
When I ordered my shirts - I asked Eric if he would just bring them over.
I'm just down the road (about 50 miles).  He laughed - so I guess I'll
just watch the mailbox.

I have a couple of questions for Eric -
Have you caught our buggy addiction yet?
Are you actively looking for a buggy of your own yet?
It's a fact that the best people own buggies!  Just ask anyone here.
You seem to have jumped in with both feet to help our hobby and
we would be glad to have you!
By Eric R 830 Date 2008-03-27 13:07 Edited 2008-03-27 13:13
Jay - if you want to add them to the order just call me at 217-540-4339 and I will make sure their is no additional shipping charges.

Surviverblues - I have always liked the Dune Buggies. In Effingham Illinois, I have just not been exposed to them that much to be honest. I am reading books, searching internet forums (well this one) and trying to gather information as much as possible. What I have learned is that Dune Buggy Owners are very passionate about their vehicles. I would love to someday have one of my own. I turn 30 April 23rd, maybe you all can convince my wife and 1 year old son to buy me a Dune Buggy for my birthday present? =)

FYI - I am really looking forward to Funfest. We should all get together Saturday evening on the grounds to talk VW's.
By GreenManx Date 2008-03-27 13:42
hey Eric
I owned my Manx for a year and love everything about it and all the guys here are great Iam sure there will be buggies for sale at funfest go for it you won't be sorry once you drive one you will be completly hooked.
The DBA has become the best place on the web for buggies and i don't think it can be beat.
Meyer's Manx
By SurviverBlues Date 2008-03-27 20:55 Edited 2008-03-27 20:57
I grew up around a fiberglass trike (fond childhood memories) and had never driven a buggy until I started looking for one.  When I bought mine (blue Surviver) I headed home and took my son (9 now, 5 then) for his first ride.  We turned on the highway and I didn't make it through all the gears before his arms raised straight up in the air and I hear "Woohoo this was a great idea mom!" 
I was in my mid 30's then and my only regret has been that I didn't buy one earlier.  Around this age you start to figure out that the old adage life is short is absolutely true. My husband jokes that this was the beginning of my mid life crisis.  He might be right - my goals are to "work hard, but play harder" and to "laugh until I cry every chance I get."  This is a hobby that is family friendly and the memories made are priceless.  I plan to drive mine until I can't raise my leg high enough to climb in and am too heavy to be lifted.  My son is already looking forward to learning to drive in the buggy.  Start talking to your wife, you might be surprised (she may want one of her own).  She will have a great opportunity to check them out very soon.

If your wife wants to discuss it with another wife - let me know I'd be happy to talk to her about it!
By John S 2 Date 2008-04-04 04:02
Should we bring any DBA shirts hats or bumper stickers to the show????
Would anyone be interested???
John Shepard the DBA
By Rayth O 670 Date 2008-04-04 12:09
Def!!!  I think the shirts and hats will sell.
MidAmerica Funfest May 31-June 1 2008
THE buggy event of 2008, BE THERE!!!!
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-04-04 21:57
John bring some stuff. It will likely sell.. maybe even to strict VW fanatics once they saunter over to the build site and see all the fun that's going on. I imagine they might want to get a souvenir of the buggy build... besides all of us that is. :-)

By John S 2 Date 2008-04-12 00:56
Will not be "selling" items at the show. It is MAM's show.
I will however make FREE items available to website contributors.
We are a non profit company. We don't sell anything.
John Shepard the DBA
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