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By John S 2 Date 2008-02-18 03:34 Edited 2008-05-20 18:27
This thread will be a open notebook on planning the body pep and pre assembly.
I am open to any and all suggestions. I also want to post in each of these areas, so everyone can follow the progress.
John Shepard the DBA
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-02-18 13:17
John, I imagine this Manx has the tubes to run the wiring. Is this the case? If not, I would think you would want to glass in some flexible electrical conduit so there is something to run wiring in.

By Kustoms Date 2008-02-18 13:33
I wouldn't do that. The body is already painted and curing will give off heat
By John S 2 Date 2008-02-18 13:39
The body is a serial numbered Manx, it does have the factory tubes for the wiring.

One good thing about this is it has been together before and with small changes I don't think there will be alot of issues.

The only thing I dont like about the body is the fact I left the original mounting holes and now with the Berrien Chassis I will need to make more holes.

I hadn't planned to do a Notalgia chassis when I had the body painted and flaked.

John Shepard the DBA
By John S 2 Date 2008-02-22 06:18
New windshield and support bracket for the body to be installed.

I need to get a new dash. I bought a used one but it got damaged by UPS.

I guess I should get a hold of the Manx Club and go with a fresh one with no holes.

John Shepard the DBA
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-02-22 14:26
OK, that means we will need to add hole saw kit to the list of tools needed. I'll add that.

By John S 2 Date 2008-03-28 15:53
Started working the underside of the body last night.
I had a tank bracket bolt we missed pulling out and the painter painted over.
It will not show so it will be fine.

I started painting the underside of the tub satin black.
I am also going to paint the underside of the fiberglass floor satin black. I'll get some pics tonight. I am in the garage every night from 10pm-1:30am or online at that time.
Running on 4 hrs sleep every day now. 60 days left to be ready for this.

I may bedliner coat it instead for sound dampening.
I spent about 3 hours collecting little parts and things in the garage and getting them into totes.

I have 6 gas tanks in the garage and only 3 hold down brackets? Go figure.
I think a buddy might have some.

I think I will bedliner coat the bottom of the fuel tank as well.

Not that I am planning for leaks but, does the bedliner stuff hold up to gasoline?????

Anyone used it? I know Tom has linex on the Imp right?
John Shepard the DBA
By Sandsurfer Date 2008-03-29 00:00
Gasoline and brake fluid eat up beadliner material.
By John S 2 Date 2008-04-04 03:59
Painted the bottom side of the tub the other night got in the garage at 11:30 pm worked on it till 1:00 lam eft for work at 7:00am. Running low on sleep. Plan to get the beam, gas tank, and tub completed this weekend.
John Shepard the DBA
By Southpaw Date 2008-04-04 11:22
John, Just dont kill yourself , The body can only handle 4 hours a night of sleep for so long , TAKE a day  8 hours nap its gooood for the sole. Glen
Bremen Speed Equ. Citation #1077
By John S 2 Date 2008-04-11 19:11
Got some work on the body done too. I cut off a couple of bolts the painter painted over. One was the old master cylinder mount. The other was a gas tank hold down bracket the was too rusty to remove.
John Shepard the DBA
By John S 2 Date 2008-05-20 18:29
Had body issue last night with the test fit on the Berrien Chassis.
When I dropped it down that big wood block in the front of the body hit the tube frame cross member.
I had to get out the grinder and shave off the Meyers wood block.
There is no turning back now. She is shaved and need repainted tonight.
John Shepard the DBA
By John S 2 Date 2008-05-20 18:43
I also got the dash fiberglass on. I think it will work well.
I did 2 layers 2 different nights.

First layer was with fiberglass cloth.
Second with mat.
I liked the cloth much better.

Hope it comes out okay.
John Shepard the DBA
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