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By Hawk Date 2008-02-12 18:09 Edited 2008-02-25 16:13

I have these on ebay, just thought I'd also post them here in case anyone is interested in building a Bradley GT2... I started the listing with no reserve.  Lots of pictures and details are on ebay now  Call anytime, 603-312-2142  -Matt

I recently acquired enough new-old-stock parts to build almost two complete cars (I say almost because I believe there is only enough glass for one complete car). Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to have the time to finish the project, and don't currently have a VW Beetle pan to mount them to so I'm selling them now with no reserve and a low starting bid. Because I have not inventoried the items to see if anything is missing, I'm selling these as a parts lot just in case anything is missing.

These are original Bradley GT II kits, most of the parts have never been used. Some parts may have light surface pitting or wear from storage. (note: the duct-tape on the doors is to prevent the wind from blowing them off as they are just loosely on the body (just like the rest of the top is just sitting on the body, not attached). I've taken lots of pictures, what you see is what you get. I have not gone through to inventory if all the parts are there or not. I think there is enough parts for almost two cars, as most of the items are duplicated. I also have 1 windshield (very hard to find) and 1 back glass. Aside from that most (but not necessarily all) of the other parts have duplicates (gauges, carpet, seats, etc) . The parts and bodies are overall in good shape, but may not be perfect. See pictures and look closely at what you are buying. Only what you see is included, I don't have anything more. This is a large lot of Bradley GT II parts.

If you just want one car, you could probably get most or all of your purchase price back by selling the extra parts (or keep them for spares).

One of the cars has been partly assembled. Unlike a dune buggy if you find a donor VW Beetle, this will bolt right to it without having to cut the pan short.

Again, because I have not inventoried these, I am selling them all as a parts lot. What you see in the pictures is what you get. Your welcome to come to Rochester NH to view them in person.

Lots of pictures and details are on ebay now
By Kustoms Date 2008-02-12 18:44
Matt, Do you have a build book I could get a copy of? I would like to post it on line.
By Hawk Date 2008-02-12 21:01
I have the copy you see in one of those pictures on ebay if that is what your looking for (see picture at ). I don't have a PDF version of it though. Maybe I could take digital pictures of it with my camera or photocopy it? Let me know how I can help...

By Kustoms Date 2008-02-13 01:24
I would be more then happy to pay to have them copied.
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