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By G8rb8 Date 2021-02-10 23:42
Am I the only one here? Is this site dead?
By Evan M #82 Date 2021-02-11 13:05
It's not completely dead. There is a few of us that still use it. Most have went over to facebook. Join the "Manx Club" on facebook. You don't need to own a Manx to join. It's easier to post pics and you will get a answer quicker.
By G8rb8 Date 2021-02-12 03:48
Thanks. I was starting to feel like a ghost
By Ron S 3875 Date 2021-02-12 20:46
I still read what is posted here,

I have rejected FACEBOOK and do not use any thing related.

This last 6 months have been dismal with all the control in some areas.  So not doing much now and expect worse as new times are raising prices.

New normal's

Hope this lasts as it has had good discussions.
By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2021-02-14 21:44
I have not been on since I posted some pictures.  I use my phone mostly.  This site link resides on my computer and I have to hotspot off my phone.  I guess you could call me a sort of (admin)  I used to be on often, but things change, I no longer have a dunebuggy.  I do check in once in a while and if there is a spammer, leave a note and I will block their IP address.  That is about the limit to what I do on here, to afraid of messing up something.  It is a good site, but so many folks do go to sites on Fakebook.  Contact Paul Moran, if you might be interested in helping on this site, he might like help, just guessing. 

Lloyd Bledsoe
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