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By John D 5522 Date 2019-08-04 02:05 Edited 2019-08-04 02:17

I have a VW buggy that was home made in 2010.

I just got it today.

Runs and drives, brakes work, etc.

I plan to drive it in ORV parks, and maybe the dunes some times.

It was stamped with a VIN a few months ago, 3 year title.

Whats it take to make it street legal?

I am a long time mechanic, but I have never worked on a VW that was older than about 1995.

Where do I start?

Only rear brakes? Thats odd. Can I add front brakes? Why are the rear brake lines made of plastic?

What do those sensors do on the transmission?

Why is there some sort of oil leaking out of that hole in the front of the transmission?

Whats with the "pre-heater" pipes near the exhaust? Should I remove them?

The heater ducts are plugged, is that good or bad?

What checks should I do to keep from frying something? What fluids and where?

What does the thermostat do? Restrict oil to the coolers?

What octane fuel? 87?

Its a dual port I believe. What size motor?

No muffler? Its loud! Should I add one? Will a muffler reduce power?

Too big of rear tires? (33x12.50xR15LT)

No skid plated? Where do I get them, and do I need a roll cage for the engine?

The seats suck, what should I replace them with?

Shifter is too tall, I need it shorter.

Steering shaft is too long, how do people shorten them?

I plan to put foam padding on the bars, good plan?

It has a toggle switches to turn on the lights, ignition, starter, and alternator. What would be better?

I know that there is a lot of literature on the topic, but i would appreciate any input from you guys that have hands on experience with this stuff.


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By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2019-08-04 22:34
Hi nice project rail there. As far as making it street legal, I would imagine you will need front brakes in addition to rear brakes, headlights (high and low beam). Turn signals, a horn, brake lights, and a wiper.

The registry in your state will better be able to answer that question though, because states control their own registry, so it's best to be sure you are getting the I for correct for your state.

Yes that is a dual port motor. I believe that makes it a 1600cc. Heater ports were to provide heat into the beetle. Not used on a sand rail.

I would put a muffler on it. That's definitely part of making it street legal, but most ORV areas will require a muffler and flash arrestor of some sort.

Seats, padding, steering wheel length, and any other creature comforts are all up to you. Make it yours.

Good luck.

By John D 5522 Date 2019-08-06 00:41
What do you think about a SuperTrap on the exhaust?
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