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By Gary P 5302 Date 2018-07-19 15:20
Hello, I am looking for any information concerning either of these two Ocelot SS dune buggies. Especially any info concerning availability of side pods and front fender pods. A long shot for sure.
I have yet to see them on any other buggy and seem to be non-existent.
The red and silver flaked buggy is one my father and I did when I was around 10 years old circa 1975 or so. We lived in Hollywood Florida and my father, (Norman Peloquin), ran several auto body shops/ car dealers. Lehman Buick in Miami, Berwick Chevrolet in Hollywood, (Schumacher in Ft. Lauderdale?) and Nu Era Auto Body on 441 in Pembroke Pines.
I never knew what happened to the dune buggy after we finished it as he was always trading and selling.
After a 7 year search I recently found an Ocelot SS body in Miami and purchased it to recreate my old buggy. Gus, the gentleman I purchased it from says he purchased it about 6 to 8 years ago in either Homestead or Everglades City, Florida. I would love to find out the history of my current body (heritage/pics, etc.). It formerly had a 60/70's Watson style panel and fade paint job consisting of reds, blues, purples and silver. The original color was green metal flake. Please see pics of what is left to help identify.
I know this body is not the original one we had because the one we bought from a co-worker was Blue and had a "Monkees Mobile" style hardtop that my dad did not use.
I would love to see pics of the Ocelot SS I recently purchased in its heyday. If anyone remembers either of these two bugs and can provide any information concerning their history and or old pics, I would certainly love to talk with you. Many thanks and any help is appreciated, Gary.
Please reach me at or on facebook - BodyLogix Fitness Inc

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