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By Thomas B 2944 Date 2017-12-13 01:54
Hi All form Snowy Maine.
     I am still working to complete my engine build and have a couple questions on some parts that I purchased.

     1. My new Doghouse came through without the holes for mounting the ignition coil. The doghouse is of the type with the oil cooler located outside the fan housing. Do I drill holes where I want the coil and install Nutserts or do I need it located elsewhere on the engine or even the buggy itself? Would it be best to install elsewhere due to dual carb linkage?

     2. The new oil filler tube and cap assembly hits on a "boss" on the alternator stand's filler tube. I believe the alternator stand to be the proper "alternator" stand. The "boss" seems to have no value, at least that I can see. If I ground the boss off I believe it would fit. Anyone had this happen to them?
     The OB had this same tube assembly on the buggy when I got it but did notice that it was not fitting correctly. It looked like he tried to bend it into position. Not my stile!!

I will try to post a few pictures


Attachment: PC122725.jpg (156.5k)
Attachment: PC122726.jpg (181.0k)
Attachment: PC122727.jpg (213.0k)
Attachment: PC122728.jpg (164.3k)
Attachment: PC122729.jpg (161.9k)
By Thomas B 2944 Date 2017-12-24 15:26
Hi All Again,
     I just wanted to update the post. While looking for something else I found the answer to the oil filler tube/breather question. It was acknowledged on an advertisement for the breather tube that it maybe necessary to "clearance" the filler tube neck in order to use the filler tube on some models.
     As far as the coil question goes, I am going to wait till I have the carb linkage set in place before I do any mods to the fan housing.
     That's all from Maine at this time. Expecting snow on Christmas Day this year. Should be a day of magic!

Merry Christmas to All,

     I will try to update my "Build" soon with some pics. I have been doing some prep work while waiting for parts and dealing with the cold.
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