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By Francis M 1968 Date 2017-05-25 01:45
I just purchased a buggy with the 1915cc engine, it seems to be misfiring, when I turn the crank to TDC, the rotor is pointed toward #2 , not #1, is it possible that it jumped timing? Or more likely that someone didn't get the distributor back in properly? Any advice would be appreciated.
By madmax26 Date 2017-05-25 14:40
Does the engine run like this?

I myself would remove the valve cover and watch the valves on #1 looking for the compression stroke and TDC. Possibly remove the spark plug and put a soft wire in the hole to feel the piston @TDC.

Then look at the timing mark and distributor / rotor to see where it's at. Once that's verified, then check the spark plug wires on the cap, maybe they have them in the wrong spot.

I'd also check the valve lash (stone cold) on ALL cylinders while I'm at it.

I wouldn't trust anyone's work till it's checked out.

My uncle always said VALVES, IGNITION, CARBUATOR in that order. For the unknown he'd add a compression check after doing the valves to see where the engines at.

Take your time... the last thing you want to do is damage your motor.
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2017-05-25 18:17
Do the simple things what was already mentioned.

1. Pull the valve cover on #1's valves. Remove spark plug and out a wooden dowel (even a pencil) into the #1 cylinder. Now rotate your crank pulley and stop when the pencil has been pushed all the way out and both valves are closed. That's TDC #1

2. Remove distributor cap. Mark the distributor base where the rotor is pointing.

3. Replace cap and make sure #1 wire is attached to the distributor where the rotor was pointing.

4. Make sure your wires are in the correct firing order

5. Recheck #4 cause you probably made a mistake.

6. Re-recheck #4 cause you probably still made  a mistake.

Generally speaking a VW distributor can be placed into the engine in any orientation. It will run jst fine as long as TDC is determined and the #1 plug wire is attached to the terminal that the rotor is pointing to. AND you have the firing order correct.
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