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By minivolks Date 2016-12-02 14:07
Six years ago i purchased the lifetime front end alignment from firestone for my buggy.  A dog hit me and tweeked the front end.  The tech at firestone really new vw's and did a great job.  Fast forward to today, I installed new ball joints and went to firestone.  The Aplus tech had moved on so I was offered Ron.  He knows very little about vw but will give it a shot.  I offered to help but insulted him. 

After completion he gave me this speal about front ends.  Little does he know I know more than him regarding vw. After me really questioning him, he finally  came clean.  He told me he really doesn't know vw, plus he doesnt have correct wrench.  So we settle on me driving it and if it needs tweeking i'll be back.  No big deal.  We where happy.  So next visit I come in with wrench, haha.  It was pulling to left.  He made some adjustment but didn't need wrench, je found something to work.    OK, great.  So we agreed again on if it needs tweeking I'll be back. 

I don't drive it much mind you.  So I made appointment and back again, pulling to right.   I waited an hour only for them to tell me Ron wasn't in, day off and he is only one can do it.  So why did you guys tell me today?  blah blah blah.  Apparently, they getting tired of me.  I was questioned why so many alignments.  Had to explain me and Rons agreement.   I told the guy Firestone was jumping all over me to work on that buggy.  Firestone pushed the lifetime deal on me. The guy backed down and all is well for now.

So it still pulls to right, not to bad though. 

Thought I would share my rant.
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