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By Geordie V 4661 Date 2016-03-22 00:43
  I bought my Dune Buggy just over ten years ago,& it has taken me this long to find out what make it is. Being very "Computer-Illiterate"...( I`m 75 on May 25th) I have been unable to figure out how to 'log-on' or send some messages....just learned how a few moments ago....a LADY showed me how. God Bless "Ladies"....!!!
  Spotted my (look-a-like) Buggy on some other site.. just the backend & a name "Bradley Baron" built in Minneapolis, Minnesota, far back in the 1970s. A Manx style with a hardtop & gullwing doors. The company has long since gone out of business. Looked over other Buggy Sites to no avail. At that time I was willing to sell it cheap to whomever was in need of one....but have recently taken a shine to it, & am now in search for a Top with gullwing Doors.  I own over 250 old cars from the 20  s,30s,40s & 50s & may be interested in some swapping.
   As stated, I`m almost 75 years old, live up here in Canada where politicians are sane, and work as an Artist & Sign Shop owner. I have owned over 200 vehicles ( plus gathered over 2,400 at one time )...21 were 33/34 Fords,7 were Deuces. Most sold for around $1,000 each.   I still have (among others) 21 Packards & 22 VWs.(incl) a 1941 Luftwaffe Radio-car from Libya.(NOT 4 Sale)
   Back in 1971 while I worked in the (Banff Springs Hotel) in Banff, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies, I chanced to spot a yellow fiberglass fender sticking out of a snow-bank with a nice headlamp on top. And after 30-second`s digging I discovered a 1969 Meyers Manx. With no it for $400 CDN,(that`s $300 USD).
   A week later a local rolled his `64 VW & I got the motor for $100. Two weeks later & guy hit an Elk,& his Porsche gave up all 4 Chrome rims with tires for $150....(1971 Prices)  For a year after that I had the time of my life in my Manx...Rain / Shine / Snow / Pouring Rain. At 35 Below F* I had to pour w/s water fluid on the pedals & kick them loose, shovel out the snow, pull on my Hudson Bay coat & two Touques...& away I`d go.
    It had a Surrey-Fringe up top with flowers painted everywhere. People thought I was Gay, but that even made things much better with the intelligent ladies. God Bless those clever Ladies!!   Chow4now, Geordie V.
    PS..I have over 40 Coupes here & some roadsters.  Moving this fall,so all must go.
By joe b 4679 Date 2016-07-26 00:38
that is a great story i just received mad dads dune buggy it has been in pieces since the late 70's early 80's but now it is mine and needs lots of help but i will get it there but i will uploading some pics soon i have looked trough the entire list and i cannot figure out which dune buggy i have. but it is built on a 1959 VW shorten pan.

Thank You for the great story.
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