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By Kurt A 4257 Date 2015-10-05 04:10
Hello all!
I have been silently lurking for some time reviewing all the great data in the forums. 
I recently acquired a Kellison Sandpiper full length body with a Hardtop on a 71 chassis.
While it is in working order, the original wiring, as appears is typical, is a rats nest.
The gel coat on most of the body is in great condition, however the hood is another story, where the gel coat has been stripped/worn to the point where the glitter and fiberglass is exposed.
The chassis is in great/no rust condition, and while the PO claims the dual port 1600 was recently rebuilt, I have serious doubts as to how recently, and it has a nasty stumble coming down and off idle.
I will be documenting as I go, and no doubt asking a lot of questions.

This is my second experience with buggies.  In the mid 70's my brother had an orange Manx on a swing axle chassis with turning hand brake levers which was one heck of a wild ride...until he got ran off the road one day and he struck a tree....which was the end of that Manx.

Anyway, glad I found this site, and especially thankful for all those who have contributed to the wealth of info on this site.

By AMAC1680 Date 2015-10-05 15:10
Very nice enjoy. I always like the lines of those buggys.

A lot of people get caught up in the condition of the body but for me it's all about the pan when I looking for a new ride. It's hard to find pans that need little work and Im not proficient enough with a welder to get in to deep.

All the best with it!

Be Big,
By Vince P 4527 Date 2015-10-05 18:44
Welcome to the site , that is a great looking buggy, so enjoy I love the hard tops those are hard to find.
By bob P 3255 Date 2015-10-05 21:00
Your Buggy looks great. Enjoy it and I know you will. On one of many rebuilds of the "Lil' Bugger", I had pulled the body and I cut the floor pans out, then replaced them with 3/32" galvanized metal. They're flat and I had to improvise where the gas pedal is mounted, but it really like the flat floor.

Good luck and keep us updated as to progress.
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