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By autoworld corporation J 4510 Date 2015-09-11 16:47
I use to own Florida Fiber Fab. In Ruskin, Fla. 1970's, I ended up with the old National Glass Car Corporation dune buggy molds. These use to be sold thru Sears and Monkey Wards. I use to repair their molds and taught fiberglassing courses in Ind. Arts in Tampa, Florida to students back then.
I am not into dune buggies any longer as there are NO DUNES in SW Missouri. BUT I am having trouble figuring out what I need to do with two of my projects that are in house and have been sitting around here for 25 years or more! I NEED t finish these soon.
Autoworld Restorations is my company now and for the last 12 years here in Mo.
I retired from the Hillsborough County School System. State of Florida. I moved back home to HOT/ COLD, WET/DRY ?? Missouri. If you don't like our weather wait a couple of days and it'll change!!!! True enough!
I have these two projects that need advice and help from those in-the-know!!!!
1. Lamborghini Countach. Mid engine car. FULL size!!! I use the REAL car glass windows in this car!!! It is NOT a kit car! It is a Reproduction and COPY off of the real car. I own the molds.  I need to know what transaxle will work and hold up behind a mild 283 or 327 Chevy engine? I HAVE these transaxles in house also: Audi 2000 transaxle from the late 70's or early 80's, 914 Porsche 901 transaxle, Crown Corvair assy. was in a 1966 Corvair (too long???), a 425 1986 Cadillac front wheel drive complete set up (sets up too tall) ???. I want 5 speeds to shift I hope! Someone told me to look at the 1080s Boxster transaxles. Are they stout enough and are they difficult to use in this type of set up?
2. Project # 2 is a Porsche 911 SC 1974 car. I have a complete Corvair from a 1966 car to use in it. I am told it won't work as is. Some say it will and then others say NO.????????? I must use a Porsche transaxle to do this!!! ??????????? I do not have any of those. The car has all of the half shafts and the CV joints still in the Porsche. The Porsche is a great looking all steel car that is now a 1992 C2 wide body, with all lights and bumpers with the whale tail for the turbo model. It has all of the Porsche torsion bar rear suspension too. I NEED to know how to get this car on the road ASAP. With what I have in house or buy as little as necessary for the car. BOTH cars... one mid and one rear configurations.  Will the boxsters work in both situations?
Joe in Mo.

By Rick M 333 Date 2015-09-12 01:41
Neat projects but I don't think you will find too much sympathy in a dune buggy oriented forum. and and even (Pennock's) will guide you to the answers you seek. Typically both cars that you have would use the Porsche G-50, but I have heard of successful Audi 5000 series transaxles being used as well.

Newer transaxles, like from the Boxster, will require a computer to do the shifting. Unless you're really good at electronics, stick to something pre 1980's. Even the Corvair V8 conversions used off the shelf Chevy transmissions...

An alternative for the Porsche (and maybe the Lambo) would be a Subaru engine and transmission. There is a dedicated portion of the forum here for that. That combination can be used in both mid engine and, with special ordering from our friends in Australia, rear engine as well.
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