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By Zach Date 2015-07-04 07:43
Hey, I'm Zach and I bought my first buggy when I was 21. I own a Berry Mini T and I love it! I've owned it a little over 2 years now and have been working on it. I happened to come across it at random and had no intentions on buying a dune buggy at the time, but I saw it sitting there with a for sale sign on it and nearly broke my neck as I was driving by. I had to check it out so I pulled over and hopped out of the truck. I felt like a kid on Christmas while I was looking it over and knew that I had to have it! I've been hooked ever since that moment. I joined this forum to meet other buggy enthusiasts and hope to gain some knowledge about my dune buggy from you all. It's good to be here!

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By Dave C 4367 Date 2015-07-04 12:42
Welcome and nice buggy. Do you have a top? Have you also visited the samba site? Great people here n there.
By Brad H 1498 Date 2015-07-05 05:19
Welcome to the DBA. Nice looking buggy

By Zach Date 2015-07-05 06:34 Edited 2015-07-05 06:37
Thank you sirs! I appreciate it. I have been on samba and I think I'm going to go sign up over there also. I do have the top as well as the windows that zip/button on the sides. However the windows have a yellowish tint which makes it hard to see out of and the top is kind of tattered.  Do you think it would be a good idea to let a professional take apart the top for a pattern to make a new one or should I try to figure something else out?

I plan on spending the day in the shop working on it tomorrow so I'll try to get some more pics while I'm at it.
By bob P 3255 Date 2015-07-09 19:57
By Zach Date 2015-07-10 00:22
Yeah it was running good for a bit but then I had to replace one of the heads and I'm currently in the process of getting new barrels now. I can't wait to take it out again, this thing is a blast!
By bob P 3255 Date 2015-07-18 02:30
I've been driving mine since I built it 47 years ago. A lifetime of fun, never grows old.................
By Zach Date 2015-07-20 07:46
That's amazing Bob! I never plan on letting mine go. I would definitely love to see it if you happen to have any pictures available.
By bob P 3255 Date 2015-07-20 15:29
I'll try to attach some photos.

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By Zach Date 2015-07-20 17:18
That's a very nice buggy. You did a great job sir! I appreciate the pictures.
By bob P 3255 Date 2015-07-21 10:36
Have fun with yours....................
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