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By spitbuggy Date 2014-10-06 13:17
does anyone know of stock automotive seats that will fit in a dune buggy hull?. I picked up
a nice pair of Honda accord seats but they were too wide to fit. I don't have a million bucks,
but I don't like the plastic molded seats as they don't look to have much support or comfort.
also I have a roll of blue Scottish leather I want to cover the seats when I find some. thanks.
Vic (spitbuggy)
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-10-06 14:25
Miata, Fiero, Porsche 914 are all good OEM seat selections fo most buggies.
By Kellison Jim Date 2014-10-06 22:20
I used mid 60's MGB seats in my last project.

Kellison Jim
By Ron S 3875 Date 2014-10-07 14:23
Recaro makes after market seats in a variety of widths.
While they have high end seats that are costing a pretty penny.
They do have a nice economy price line.
But searching on line usually will turn up a very nice priced used set.
Like you I bought a really nice set of buckets out of a newer VW but they were just to wide to fit.
So I searched craigs, ebay, car trader, etc and found a $100 set of Recaros.  I did have the seller measure before paying though.
By spitbuggy Date 2014-10-09 22:47
Thanks for all your suggestions. No better way to learn than asking someone who has done it already. Vic
By spitbuggy Date 2014-10-09 23:57
They look beautiful. Thanks for the suggestions. Vic
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