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By Thomas B 2944 Date 2014-09-02 12:19
Hi all from Maine,
     I have been working on procuring information that will help me determine steering column length, seat position and steering wheel size, among other things that are related in some fashion. I will post soon on my build section the information and research that I have come up with so far, but for now I need a little help from those that have passed this way before. My research and mocked up steering column have been very enlighting to me and will be happy to share with others that are considering this type of add-on.
     I have been installing the seat sliders on the Corbeau Classic seat that I purchased and I am not sure if I am going about this properly. I have made adapter plates to attach the Empi sliders but something is not quite right, or maybe I am out in left field or over thinking the problem. I will try to post a picture or two when I get home from work. I have flat floors and the adapter plate and sliders raise the seat up about two inches.
     So here are my questions,
          1. Should I connect the two seat slider brackets together, making a solid single plate or will the floor, after bolting down, become the connection between sliders?

          2. How should my feet be from the firewall? Right now I can place my toes on the firewall but not my whole foot. This observation was noted with the sliders at mid travel.

          3. I will be using a Flaming River tilt column with a 13" wheel. How far does the wheel tilt up? I do not want the steering wheel to hit the windshield. I know this question will be hard to answer but I have no idea, but am sure others out there might be able to give me an approximation.

Anyone with some pictures of their setup will be greatly appreciated.


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By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-09-02 14:09
1. I have never used a plate to connect two sliders together. That doesn't mean you can't. I just think its not needed. No harm if you do though.

2. Always set the seat location as far back as possible. With the seat sliders adjusted so they are at the farthest back setting, set the seat so it makes contact with the center tunnel. That way you get max legroom. I have never seen anyone so short that they can't reach the pedals with the seats slid all the way forwards from the farthest back position.

3. Here is a Flaming River column on a Manx (you didn't say what style buggy you have). As you can see the column is just about as far towards the dash as it will allow. Where the column goes from a tube to transitioning to the tilt is basically against the dash. When the wheel is tilted up it is about 1" short of the windshield. Of course with the 2 ujoints you can simply adjust the positioning of the column by using the appropriate shaft extension.

By Thomas B 2944 Date 2014-09-02 21:54
Hi Jeff,
     Some how I thought you might come back at me. Thanks for the seat positioning procedure. I thought that it would be best to center the sliders to get a position that allowed a little forward and a little rearward motion. I just posted a couple pictures of the seat sliders mounted to the driver's seat. I will try your positioning sequence the first chance I get, then let you know how it worked out.

By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-09-02 22:27
Since these buggies are shortened I have never heard anyone say that they couldn't reach the pedals. I often here that they don't have enough leg room. I would therefore set it up for max legroom. And remember...since almost all buggies get sold,. its best to build it to attract the most potential buyers.
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