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By bob P 3255 Date 2014-08-17 18:23
First I tried to old fuel pump, it didn't work. So I  bought a new one, and after checking the fuel lines, etc, and then making up a gravity fuel can ( above engine with a fuel line directly to lower tube on the fuel pump and another
fuel line  from the top of the pump feeding into a coffee can) I cranked the engine several times and NOTHING.............. The engine has been rebuilt..........Other than that, it's the same engine...!!??!!

The engine is a 1971 beetle, 1600, stock, dual port. The engine has a generator and the pump mounts vertically next to the generator stand. The new PUMP I tried is similar to the old one.

WHAT AM I MISSING HERE...............???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-08-17 19:44
Fuel from the tank comes in at the top and goes out to the carb from the bottom.
By bob P 3255 Date 2014-08-18 00:26
Jeff, you were on the money as I suspected, the rod I'm using is only 4.00".

I know my heart is only functioning at 15% according to my heart according to my heart doctor, and I can live with
that. But, my brain is apparently only functioning at 10% and that's scary.

Thanks for the input. I'll have to search my entire shop for the old one tomorrow and maybe order a new..........
By bob P 3255 Date 2014-08-18 00:28
Jeff, maybe I'm going in and out wrong............

HOW COULD I DO THAT???????????????????????
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-08-18 02:17

My heart is fine (for now) and so is my brain (for now) and I have still screwed this exact thing up in the past. At least you have an excuse.....I didn't!

Keep plugging away. The brain is a gotta use it or lose it!
By bob P 3255 Date 2014-08-18 12:48
Well, I just wasted an entire week only to find that I had the incoming and outgoing fuel lines hooked up wrong.

I can't believe I did that........ It's called "Oldtimers Desease"...

Thanks Jeff for the Samba link. I always thought Samba was a dance.........Oh well.. at least the
"Lil' Bugger" has a new chance at life again...........
By bob P 3255 Date 2014-08-18 19:43
The "Lil' Bugger" is running again.  Gotta put her all back together now.  Then time to cruise..
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