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By Kellison Jim Date 2014-08-03 15:51
For my Scorpion build I am wanting to install a new tilt steering column and was wanting to know how much trouble it is adapting/modifying the output shat on the column to fit the VW steering coupler?

Kellison Jim
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-08-03 22:12
Its no trouble at all!

You need two ujoints and a section of extension.

Your first ujoint is a 1"DD x 3/4"DD.

That will go from the base of your column to the extension. Your extension is cut to fit:

The joint that goes from the steering extension to the VW box is a 3/4"DD x 5/8-26 Chrylser:

The old mod you have to do is to the Chrysler end of the second joint. Here is what I have done:
1. Drill and tap a second 1/4" x20 hole 90 degrees from the factory hole on the splined end
2. The splines have to be shaved to make it fit the stock VW steering box. I use a dremel stone and/or sanding drum. You need to shave off almost all of the splines. There will be a mere shadow of them left. Sand some, fit the joint, sand some more, fit again...and so on and so forth until you get a nice tight slide on fit.
3. Slide the joint on the steering box and aling one of te retaining holes with the stock dimple on the box. Then mark the steering box at the second locating hole on the ujoint. Be sure not to press the ujoint on too far of the steering box shaft will interfere with the joints movement.
4. Remove the ujoint and grind a small flat on the section you just marked. Make it pretty deep and flat.
5. When you go to install the joint for the last time use some loctite on the steeriing shaft and locking bolts.

The extension is cut to size by putting your column in, having both ujoints installed and measuring the distance between them. again, don't let the shaft go to far into the joint.

You will need to support your steering column at the dash and firewall. You can use a fancy column support or take a 5" section of angle iron (I used aluminum) and increase the angle of the bend so it mirrors the angle of the column as it passes through the firewall. Drill holes for a 2" heavy duty muffler clamp and then bolt the angle through the front wall.

If you want some pics let me know. I can post them up tomorrow.
By Kellison Jim Date 2014-08-03 22:41
Jeffery, thanks! Yes, a few photos would be helpful.
Kellison Jim
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-08-03 23:33

These are just from several different cars I have done this with.
By Kellison Jim Date 2014-08-04 01:17
That will do the trick! Thanks again!
Kellison Jim
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-08-04 01:43
There are lots of good articles on the Borgeson site. I would read up a bit. Things like making sure the joints are "phased" correctly.
By Kellison Jim Date 2014-08-05 02:39 Edited 2014-08-05 02:48
Jeffrey, What length column are you using? The stock VW column I'm not using is 36", so I'm thinking between the two U-joint couplers and the 3/4"DD shaft between the couplers, that a 28" column would be length of choice.
Kellison Jim
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-08-05 02:49
The second picture is a set up from my Manx. If my old & terrible memory serves me I think that was a 30" column. I would probably go 30" which will give you some room to move it towards you if you want. Then again, as you can see from that picture, there was probably 4 inches or so sticking through the firewall so 28" might be fine.

On my Manx the part of the column that starts to widen (near the titl section) was right up against the dash.
By Kellison Jim Date 2014-08-05 02:53
Again, thanks!
Kellison Jim
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-08-05 13:12

A couple other bits of info for you to consider. The picture of the column you posted seems very similiar to the the one I installed on my Deserter (first picture I posted). Its a decent column. Actually its quite heavy. The tilt mechanism and the turn signal switch is OK. The flasher switch felt real flimsy. The movement of the column was very good and the chrome finish was also very good. The adapter that comes with it is a 10 bolt adapter and only certain style steering wheels will fit...and they are a bit pricey. So the money you sabe on the column may be eaten up in the wheel. Just some points to ponder.

On my Manx I used a Flaming River stainless column. It was not as bulky. The mechanisms seemed a little more stout. The steering wheel adapter was much cheaper and you could use a much more affordable steering wheel. It did not have the chrome finish but it could be left as is or painted.

The Flaming River unit is top notch. The chrome one is really OK....its only real drawback to me was it was a little more bulky, the steering wheel adapter limitations, and the flimsy flasher.

Just wanted to share those observations....
By Geewitit Date 2015-02-06 05:37
What type of gas tank is that??
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2015-02-06 14:15
Custom made by a gentleman in Florida.
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