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By mark p 4106 Date 2014-07-23 21:58 Edited 2014-07-23 22:24
well thanks to this site and the people on here I have got good information an got a lot of what I need to do this rebuild  its going to have JBUG painted along the side in a cool 70s style as I am building it for my wife

I purchased this buggy about a month ago

Im still not sure what make it is but im sure you all can help me with that
first thing I did is strip it out because it had a bad crack on the left front fender so I decided a rebuild and respara was in order a lot was done wrong and cheaply  it was time to fix this buggy up

after doing this I found the floors had been glassed over so  I checked them out and they seem ok some small repairs will be done but all seems ok
so it was on to building parts etc the first build was a storage/seat/speakerbox
I wont really be taking many in it but just in case

the steering column and quick release wheel have been added with a blinker switch and the dash recovered and fitted to make adjustments etc before paint

the front fender was reglassed and repaired

the seats where fitted with brackets I made as they where fitted on two blocks of wood before they are now adjustable

next I repaired the emergency brake bracket as there wasn't one
the next was to make the roof support and bikini top I could just buy one but I have a great piece of material from my old truck tonneau cover so why not try I made the support from 1/2 id gal pipe and the roof pattern from butchers paper and the inner brackets from gal pipe as well

I will post more as I get it done the paint is going to be a vintage metalflake blue the large flakes  not this new tiny stuff

I also added a pic of the front incase anyone can tell me what make it is ?

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