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By Bugvert 81 Date 2007-01-29 17:40
Any Spatz buggy owners here on DBA??
I picked up my next project a few weeks ago. I wasnt able to ID it using the "Buggy Id" on the site (I think its cause I chose recess for the hood instead of scoop, Kinda confusing!) but I was able to ID it using the "Registry" and comparing pics.  Its a Spatz Buggy thats never been mounted, drilled or cut. The previos owner thought it was a Manx.....NOT!
I'll try to see if I can post some pics, right now its sitting under a tarp for the winter.
By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2007-02-11 20:34
Bob Wright outside Denver hass a Spatz - or at least the body is a Spatz (the hood may have come from a different buggy if I remember correctly).  I'll try to get a hold of him & have him post a picture or two.

Chicago, IL
EMPI Imp 1002 ('69)/Subaru EJ20 Turbo/LinkPlus ECU
By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2007-04-18 17:42
I have moved the thread about Dolphin Industries (copy of a Spatz) to here. Paul...
Chicago, IL
EMPI Imp 1002 ('69)/Subaru EJ20 Turbo/LinkPlus ECU
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2007-06-09 19:28
I was looking at the Spatz gallery in photobucket:

There appears to be two different tails (judging from the pictures that is.

image 112b and 114b both have rear fenders that are the same height as the rear deck, while all the other buggys within the Spatz gallery have fenders lower than the rear deck.

Looking for feedback. Is it possible there was an early/late change within the spatz line? Are there images in the wrong bucket? Are these pictures of a knock-off?

By Manx1173 Date 2007-09-25 17:52
I have what I believe to be a Spatz buggy with fenders lower than the rear deck.  I don't have any documentation from Spatz fiberglass (such as advertising flyers) that show which buggy is the Spatz and which is most likely a copy.  However, all the buggies I have seen advertised in the northeast (where the Spatz was made) as Spatz buggies have the fenders lower than the rear deck.  It has also been suggested that the Dolphine copy is of a Spatz and it has fenders lower than the rear deck.  Finally, there is a buggy builder advertising in Kansas that produces what appears to be a Spatz copy with the rear fenders that are the same height as the rear deck (  Just my two cents and I may be completely wrong.

By Lou F 1186 Date 2008-09-26 15:15
I have a Spatz Buggy.  i'm in Pa.  i didn't know what type it was until i seen one on here.  i have a hard top for it.  i don't see many with hard tops.  i don't have any markings on it for the type so i was confused for a while. But my hard top is exactly like the maroon one with the window and the two lifted rips going from front to back on the top.  i was wondering how many of these are still around.  mine is in great shape.  Lou
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-09-26 15:29
Hey Lou. I've seen that dash on the purple one before. That dash is a Dolphin Industries dash. Dolphin Industries was out of Florida.

The purple model may have been a copy of the Dolphin body with a copy of the Spatz hood. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of it.

Do you have any history on the buggy?

By Lou F 1186 Date 2008-09-26 19:50
I bought it off a woman from South Dakoda.  And she told me it was from Arazona.  that's all the info i got.  and it was titled as a 1970.  i have had it for about five years.  i drive it all summer.  it's almost time for it to be put up for the winter.  i also have a bad oil leak i have to look into.   Lou
By Lou F 1186 Date 2008-09-26 19:55
Jay,   How can you see my dash?  i didn't think i got any pictures on here?  i can't see them or did you get a e-mail from me?   i did send a couple pictures to this site on the mail?  just wondering when i get some better pictures i want to post them on the spatz page.  Lou
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-09-27 01:45
Sorry Lou, I was referring to the dash pictures of the maroon buggy we currently have in the Spatz album. I originally posted the question about the fender height when I was going through the folder. Shortly after I asked the question, wo got pictures of the maroon buggy. I recall discussing the maroon buggy with Paul and commenting on the Dolphin Industries dash on that one, and that I didn't think it was a spatz.

We never got any further on the detective work, so for now the maroon one is parked in the Spatx folder.... although I still don't think it's a Spatz. ;-)

By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-09-27 01:54
Here's the detail I'm referring to. Here are all the pictures of the Spatz's dashes we have on file. The last one is the image of the maroon one with the Dolphin dash:

By Lou F 1186 Date 2008-09-29 21:02
Jay,  i'm trying to put some pictures on so you can see my buggy.  tell me what you think.  Thanks Lou

Attachment: newpic9.30.081.jpg (3.0k)
Attachment: 4464newpic9.30.081.jpg (3.0k)
By Lou F 1186 Date 2008-09-29 21:30
Jay,  do you have a e-mail address i can't get the pictures any bigger on here.  if you can send me you address i can send them bigger and you can see more detail.  Lou
By John S 2 Date 2008-09-30 15:32
Hey Lou,
Email as many full size pictures as you like as an attatchment to the email.
Send them to this email address and we can help you with the link up.

John Shepard the DBA
By Bugvert 81 Date 2008-10-01 17:19
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-10-01 19:03
Lou, unfortunately the pictures you sent are very small. If you have bigger pictures you can send them to me in an email: or as John suggests, you can email any attachments as he directed above.

Even though the pictures are small, I believe you probably have a Spatz or a Spatz clone. You threw me off when you said it was like the maroon one. I knew the maroon one we have in the folder is different in the dash. I thought you might also have a buggy that had the "Dolphin Industries" dash, but it looks like you have the dash like all the others in the Spatz folder.

By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-10-06 02:46 Edited 2008-10-06 03:02
Lou just sent me some email. Here are his pictures. Looks like a Spatz to me. Anyone else want to weigh in?

By luvmybuggy Date 2008-10-06 12:49
looks like a spatz to me. Amazing.. it looks exactly like mine but for the dash.... even the raised lip around the back seat and the brackets are there.

Makes me wonder is the maroon hard top in the spatz ID folder really a spatz?? If Lou's buggy is a hardtop Spatz with a regular Spatz dash then what is the maroon buggy? Possibly another Dolphin Industries??
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-10-06 15:09
That's been my suspicion for a while now. I wish we had more literature from Dolphin Industries to confirm or deny my thoughts.

Anyone in Florida willing to do some detective work/research? :0

By Lou F 1186 Date 2008-10-07 00:06
Jay,  Thanks alot for getting the pic's on.  i wish i had better ones to show you.  especially with the top on. but the top is exactly like the moroon one i seen on here.  i can't find any markings on it anywhere.  Lou
By Lou F 1186 Date 2008-10-10 21:32
Hey Jay,  i just e-mailed you four more pictures i took today.  they have the top on them.  it would be a big help if you could get them listed under the Spatz area on here.  Let me know how you make out.  thanks Lou
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-10-10 23:09
all done Lou. :-)

By jared s 1188 Date 2008-10-23 01:10 Edited 2008-10-23 01:59
If that is a spatz, i think i must have a spatz also. Although mine was assembled in ct and looks just like the fiber-trend manufactures ad. same pant, tires and vette lights

By Manx1173 Date 2009-03-28 01:37 Edited 2009-03-28 01:42
I have another Spatz copy I think.  The tail and hood are the same but the dash is different and there isn't a ridge around the rear seat.  I am near St. Louis, MO and I think there was a builder in this area making these bodies because about 8 out of 10 I see on craigslist are this body. 

Attachment: PICT0048Large.JPG (96.4k)
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By 68 manx Date 2009-09-12 04:08
My brother just picked up a spatz a few months ago. i seen it in a barn that the door was open. i stoped and asked if it was for sale. it was somewhat apart because the guy said he was going to paint it, but its been apart for a couple years and he lost intrest. he gave a good price so i told my brother about it and said you can buy it if you want it, if not im going to buy it. i really didnt need it because i have a manx, and im getting another in about two weeks.  the spatz is a purple metalflake that is faded and he said he is going to paint it. i think i would try to clear it ,but he dont like it.  i seen it has either a tag or a sticker that says SPATZ down by where the passengers feet would be.  i dont rember what else was on the tag. i'll get over to his place next week and take some pictures. we are also in PA.
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2009-09-12 12:06
Yah, pictures of the tag and a picture big enough to show the location of the tag would be welcomed.
By 68 manx Date 2009-09-19 05:32
i tried to get a picture of the sticker, but my camara is junk. most of the sticker is wore off. all i can see is "spatz" and "york" and "serial number" but the number is wore off too. i dont know what the " york" is about. the sticker is where the passengers feet would be. here are some bad pictures for now.

Attachment: IMAG0256.JPG (395.9k)
Attachment: IMAG0257.JPG (440.5k)
Attachment: IMAG0258.JPG (483.9k)
Attachment: IMAG0259.JPG (397.9k)
By John N 220 Date 2009-12-21 16:50
The  "York" is mosst likely actually "Yorklyn, DE" outside of Wilmington, DE  where Spatz was located at the time they were making bodies..
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-01-12 17:51
Here I took pictures of my poor old spatz, it was a presant from my aunt and uncle, it is one that I have to fix up sooner or later, the chassis was trash, it came from carolina beach near wimigton NC, It had a old 36 hp motor that wasnt stuck but I allmost gave it to a friend ( 50 dollors ) that is going back original with his old bug. My uncle henged the back of it to get to the motor, I like his Idea but it can be done from the back side so no henge can be seen and made so there are no rivets to look at.            Ken.........

By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2010-01-12 18:30
She's got potential... and character on top of that.

By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-01-13 00:53
Thanks Jay, I have been picking up parts here and there, its next in line after the allison, my aunt passed after fighting cancer for the third time she loved yellow roses, I picked up a yellow metal flake steering wheel at farmington , its going to be yellow metal flake with side pods, I want to air brush a camper towing a buggy in the mountains and put in loving memory of aunt Flo,uncle is in his late 70s and has built and owned buggys for years and years, he still has one now, A pearl white lido with prizm metal flake, she loved nashville and the mountains, and allways talked about having a yellow metal flake buggy.      Ken..........
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