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By Jim B 3573 Date 2013-02-19 02:31
I have purchased a partially completed dune buggy.  The pan, suspension and running gear (according to the seller) is complete and ready for the body to be fitted and completed.  I will pick it up this coming weekend and plan to go over everything before calling the running gear complete.

My question for now is about the pan.  It is solid, all the welds are good and everything seem tight, straight and it has been painted black.  I don't know what type of paint is was used or if it was treated with anything before it was painted.  I most likely won't be be able to find out from the guy that put it on ether.
Should I spray a rubberized protective coat of something on, maybe the stuff that is spray on truck beds? 
Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?  Should it be coated on both sides?  I just want to make sure I do what ever should be done before I proceed with the body.
By Kellison Jim Date 2013-02-19 02:54
Jim, I have used both POR-15 (Glossy photo) and a brush on Bed Liner paint (Flat photo) on my biggy projects and have been happy with both results. The POR-15 does take a little more prep work. Yes, paint evrything. Good luck on your build and keep us posted.

Kellison Jim
By Jim B 3573 Date 2013-02-19 03:15
Jim K,
Thanks, the POR-15 goes on right over the existing paint good.  Looks like I will have to pull the motor and tranny to flip the pan over in order to do it right?
Where can I get POR-15, is it something new or special I haven't heard of it?

Thanks again
By Joe G 2279 Date 2013-02-19 03:31
I used Raptor truck bed coating, sprayed both sides top and bottom i masked off the rear torsion housing, front axle beam mounting points, shift mount area and VIN number and anything else i didn't want coated then i lightly scuffed up the paint with a red scotch bright pad. If you use it make sure you cover everything up around you so you don't get any overspray.
The kit comes with enough product and activator to do the pan you also get the gun to spray it with, it's not a rubberized coating it's a polyurethane so you don't get that rubbery feel when it's in the sun.
It comes in black or you can get it so that you can tint and mix with any color you want. I also used it on the sides of the body i've had it on my buggy for about a year and it's held up real well very easy to clean and touch-up if needed.
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2013-02-19 03:47
Por15 has to go on bare and/or rusty metal I believe.

I have used Herculiner. Its tough as nails and gives a nice textured finish. It can go right over solid paint (designed to go over paint on trunk beds). One kit includes enogh bedliner, scuffer, roller and brush.

I also use it on the underside of the buggy body to help prevent starring in the paint from flying rocks.

If you have any exposed metal that has surface rust I would use a spray rust converter which will convert the rust to a black paintable surface.

Pull the motor and you can flip the pan right onto the wheels in its side to paint the underside. Depending on how you want to finish the inside you can coat the inside as well. The tranny doesn't have to be removed to flip the pan.
By Jim B 3573 Date 2013-02-19 03:48
Thanks, I've heard of the Raptor truck bed spray but wanted to ask before using on the pan.  I have used the rubberized undercoat spray back in the day and you are right about the over spray mess.

By Jim B 3573 Date 2013-02-19 04:05
Herculiner, I'll have to look as I'm not familiar with it.  You have saved me a ton of work by not having to pull the tranny.   I'm very new to the buggy world.  I have been an admirer but from a- far for many years.  As I told my wife it's now or never. So I'm anxious to get started.

By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2013-02-19 16:11
Pulling the tranny is really a simple process...and you might want to consider replacing the mounts while you are at it.

Herculiner can be obtained at any AutoZone, CAPS, or Advanced Auto.
By wythac Date 2013-02-23 06:36
When I rebuild my buggy I stripped it down to the pan. The pans were solid original German pans, so I cleaned up some of the welds from where it was shortened and then took it to Line-X and had the pan coated, but only both sides of the pan and the tunnel. One thing about any bedliner material that you need to keep in mind is that you dont want it on any part of the pan that you think you might weld to or on. I left my rear clip and frame head area bare after coating the floorboards and painted those areas with Derusto gloss black. While POR-15 is a superior coating, I liked the idea of easy touch up and ready supply of cheap paint from my local hardware store if I ever needed to clean up an area that I welded on or just scratched roll bar and all of my other fabricated metal parts on my car are painted this way.  I just put customized (by a razor cutter) floor mats on my floor pans without carpet and it looks great.
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