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By George L 3520 Date 2012-12-28 17:01
Greetings! I found this Buggy in Galveston Texas. I have no idea what manufacture it is and am hoping the members can help. It has "GT" on the gas cap with the G over the top of the T. It has a fiberglass hardtop with an oval rear window opening. The windshield is framed in aluminum and is square cornered. there are tall tapered steel side frames which the windshield bolts to. The hood has 2 scoops in the hood and there is a front license plate indentation below the hood apex. I used to own a Manx and the body on this one looks like it was copied from a Manx. 42" across the dash at the windshield base. one battery recess in the back seat on passenger side.
By George L 3520 Date 2012-12-28 17:17
I tried to upload photos but my file size is too large, even for one picture{1.8mb is smallest one} and I do not know how to reduce the mb to fit it into the format. I can email them to anyone who thinks they can id the buggy or reduce the byte size of the pictures.
By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2012-12-28 22:50
George, import your picture to "paint" if you use Windows.  Once in Paint go to image and then resize,  try about 40% in both horizontal and vertical fields, Then save back to your computer.  I generally put a (-1) after the picture I just resized, to differentiate it from the original.  Hope that helps

By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2012-12-29 13:59
George, see if these work.  Then please delete the larger pictures, thanks.

By George L 3520 Date 2012-12-29 14:51
Thank you Lloyd.
  So, anyone have an idea who made this body? I have a '69 bug I am going to use for the base. Hate to desecrate the bug as it is pristine with very little rust or dents and all original. Once I have the body shell off the pan I will need it gone should anybody have a good home for it. Bring a trailer-FREE TO GOOD HOME.
By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2012-12-30 02:49
George, give it time, I think there is at least one fellow on here that has an extensive collection of Models.  I can not remember who.  I have looked through the Buggy ID section and only found a couple that were kinda close on the hood.  Have you looked all over the body?  I have been told that lots of manufacturers put a card somewhere "in the glass" on their bodies.

By dustymojave Date 2013-01-03 06:12
The gas cap is not original to the body. In the early 70s I worked in a gas station pumping gas. I opened a lot of these gas caps. It's an early 70s Mustang cap.
By George L 3520 Date 2013-01-04 18:13
Well, I have wet sanded all of the white paint off of the body. the aqua blue/green metal flake original gell coat is looking new after 330/400/600/800/1000/1400 wet sanding and rubbing compound. did not find any cards glassed into the layup anywhere. so far no identifying marks or numbers any place. looked at every picture I could find on the internet and this site. found several similar but no matches close enough to be of real help. found the original state of Texas registration for the Vin on the old pan. 1961 VW registration to an owner in Houston who I have not been able to contact. Built in 1971 as far as the registration goes.
  Working on cutting down the 1969 pan to mate the body onto. was able to remove the '69 body completely without damaging anything. have that if anybody wants it. otherwise going to trailer it to a VW parts guy in Houston. Am also not going to be using the fiberglass hard top. Rare to find one these days so will probably store it for in- climate times.
  Thanks Lloyd.
By George L 3520 Date 2013-01-04 18:19
I would tend to agree with you except that the filler tube connection which is a stamped steel part matches the underside of the cap and does not have the typical "FoMoCo" ID on it anywhere. The ford parts all had that next to the spot weld bosses. plus, this is much wider than the mustang caps. and taller through the cross section. I really am stumped as to who made this buggy. If the GT gas cap was supplied with the kit then it should be easy to track down the maker but so far I have found no luck.
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