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By Richard T 2430 Date 2012-12-12 00:05 Edited 2012-12-12 00:11
Hey guys,
My project car is using the stock WRX cab, ECU and wiring harness. (See pic for better description) The harness has been extended to the rear and the entire engine and transaxle are mounted in the mid engine position.   My latest challenge among many is the fuel system.  I have mounted in the front, an aluminum tank adapted to take the complete stock fuel pump, filter and gas gauge as one unit.  What I recently discovered is there is a fuel pump controller as well which talks to the ECU.  Looking at the stock WRX fuel tank there there are 2 fuel lines and a vapor line and a plug for the pump that I will use.  What about the rest of the wiring, sensors etc?.  Anyone know how much of this is really necessary?  I will need to move what is necessary forward  to the new tank.  Thanks for your input.


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By Bruce y 2784 Date 2012-12-14 03:30
hello rich

     vary cool car, vary good fab skills

            using the stock ecu is a little more needy , and may require some feedback to ecu ...fuel presssure conformation // fuel pump time on with key on and motor not running ,emission tank vent + purge canister also fuel gauge . not a real big deal to do, but more work.


     u can keep it simple ,fuel pump on, with key on run-- with relay . THIS CONFIG MAY THROW A CODE OR TWO BUT WILL WORK FINE ....
     fuel sender wire to ecu for gauge
     high + low pressure fuel lines to fuel rail
     add vent, your DONE

      hope this helps   bruce
By Richard T 2430 Date 2012-12-15 04:02
Thanks Bruce,
Just trying to eliminate any unnecessary sensors and simplify as much as possible.  This purge canister you mentioned, is that the box like apparatus that is attached near the fuel tank itself?  I have often wondered what its purpose was and how necessary it might be.  I suspect it is an emissions system of some sort.

Thanks again for your help.

By Bruce y 2784 Date 2012-12-17 05:12
hello rich

   it is emissions only,and is the box like apparatus , its function is to  reburn, filter and vent- fuel vapors .

   the only reason its there is to make the EPA happy , the motor in no way needs this system to run .... but your on board ecu may be a little happier with it installed.



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