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By Kellison Jim Date 2012-09-10 02:26
I am looking to buy a Transvair Kit for my Scorpion project. The chassis and engine I bought on ebay and have yet to pickup has a homemade rear clip that sits pretty low. Front beam to rear torsion spring is VW and from torsion spring back is Corvair. After I get it back next weekend I'll get some good photos and post for your expert opinions.

Kellison Jim
By ManxRob Date 2012-09-12 05:32
I'm glad you decided to build your Scorpion, it's such a cool body style. It will be nice to see a Corvair powered one, like the original Scorpion prototype published in the late 1960's. I will be following the project. I also have a NOS Scorpion body/windshield that I hope to build someday.

I used to have a Hadley Transvair kit. It's gone now, I elected to go with a 'flipped ring gear' VW transmission instead. It really comes down to personal preference:

I would use a Transvair if:
1) I wanted an automatic (2 speed Powerglide) transmission.
2) The Tansvair had some historic significance in the buggy.

Some stuff to be aware of with the Transvair:
1) The version I had was made for the 1964 & earlier Swing Axle Corvair transmission, axles & brakes. It used custom axle locators. There was a version used in the VW Bus which used the later IRS Covair parts adapted to VW suspension.
2) The SA version increased the drum to drum width quite a bit, making rear fender coverage more challenging. Custom wheels could be made to help minimize this issue.
3) The Transvair conversion was heavy enough that most I have seen have helper springs on the shocks. Hadley sold an adapter to use bus torsion bars to provide a little more spring rate. They were a little tail heavy.
4) Wheel selection is a little challenging with the Corvair 4 bolt patter. You can re-drill the axles/drums or convert to early Corvair 5 lug van components, but sourcing the parts might be tough.
5) The available final drive gear ratios for early Corvairs is kind of limited.
6) You have to adapt, and figure out how to balance the Corvair rear brakes to work with the VW front brakes. It can be done, but there isn't as large population with an experience base to answer questions.
7) The Transvair kit left the engineering of the emergency brake up to the installer. Mine used an automatic transmission, so the e-brake was 'park'

These were some of the things that I considered during my Corvair powered Manx build. I was quite happy with the 'standard rotation' Corvair adapted to a VW transmission.

By Kellison Jim Date 2012-09-13 00:14
Rob, thanks for the info! I havent seen it in person yet but I am thinking of ditching the Corvair rear suspension and transaxle and reinstall the VW rearend with the Corvair engine. Hell, tomorrow I might go with another option. I'll tinker with it but am focusing on the Sportsman for now and will start hot and heavy on the Scorpion at the beginning of the year.
Kellison Jim
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